UFO News: Mysterious Craft Spotted On Moon Live Stream As USAF’s Alleged Alien Alliance Emerges

An observatory in Miami, Florida, recently captured something very interesting on its live feed of the moon’s surface. Sometime during the broadcast, the observatory’s cameras picked up something foreign and inexplicable — a massive dark disc that is reminiscent of conventional UFOs. The dark UFO has not been effectively identified to date, resulting in avid UFO fans speculating on what the strange object might really be.

The mysterious round object was captured by the Miami Observatory’s cameras on December 3, and it has largely remained a mystery since. The video feed was then picked up by UFO-themed YouTube channel UFOVNI UFO Sightings, which uploaded the feed on December 6. Since then, numerous UFO analysts and everyday netizens have weighed in on what the dark, round object really is.

Numerous UFO sightings have been reported all over the world during the past few months.
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UFO investigators are quite positive on the notion that the object captured in the video feed was not man-made. Active UFO investigator Scott C. Waring, posting on his website UFO Sightings Daily, explained that the appearance of the dark object in the feed was not reminiscent of any spacecraft design that humans have launched into space.

“Caught on live video feed on a telescope at an observatory in Miami, Florida, this dark UFO makes quite the impression. It’s not a man-made object because there are not solar panel wings on it to gather energy. There are no antennas on it for transmitting. Also, the surface is not completely round but has a rough edge to it. Looks like a biomechanically grown UFO.”

While the UFO investigator was set in the notion that the mysterious object was of alien origin, numerous skeptics have weighed in on the strange sighting, with many stating that the object might very well be a meteorite passing over the Moon or even something as simple as dirt falling across the camera’s lens. Despite these rebuttals, however, those who believe the object was of alien origin do have very significant points.

Supporters of the video have noted that the object’s perfectly round shape, trajectory, and its rather deliberate speed is very uncharacteristic of a meteor. As for the argument that the object was simply dirt on the camera’s lens, it should be noted that the video feed came from an observatory. Thus, the chances of the facility neglecting its equipment and allowing its lenses to be dirty are fairly slim. For now, at least, the mystery of the object that passed over the moon during a live stream remains a mystery.

UFO activity has seen a definite spike over the last year, with investigators recording sightings of the mysterious crafts on a very consistent basis. Recently, veteran UFO investigator Steve Barone uploaded a video that he captured last month, showing a number of mysterious lights hovering over Las Vegas’ Nellis Air Force Base. According to the UFO hunter, he was able to capture the mysterious objects while monitoring the area using his night vision camera.

What was rather interesting with Barone’s account was the fact that the UFO was simply hovering over the Air Force base, fueling speculations among theorists that the USAF is fully aware of the presence of the mysterious craft. Some UFO aficionados have even taken the argument further, speculating that the USAF might be collaborating with extraterrestrials in the development of new military technology, according to Science World Report.

The truth about UFOs and their alleged involvement in Earthly affairs remain elusive to this day.
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Considering the United States’ long history of UFO sightings and the alleged consistent government cover-ups of alien-related incidents, it is not surprising to see numerous investigators speculating that the military might be working with extraterrestrial beings. As much as this premise is interesting, however, the truth behind aliens and their involvement in earthly affairs over the last few decades has been extremely elusive.

Of course, the possibility that the lights seen above the Nevada Air Force base are simply part of the development of new military technology exists. After all, the USAF has already tested Black projects in the past, with some of its more secret initiatives, such as the SR-71 Blackbird, being largely unknown by the public during its development. Thus, the mysterious lights above Nellis Air Force base might simply be yet another secret USAF project that is yet to be announced. Just like the mysterious UFO recently captured on the moon, the truth behind the mysterious Nevada Air Force lights still remains to be seen.

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