WWE News: Batista Blasts Broken Matt Hardy Delete Angle

Batista has always been a fan of old-school wrestling. Part of the reason that he left the WWE the first time around was because he felt the WWE had moved too far away from the Attitude Era style and into a more PG family-friendly format. That makes his opinion of the Broken Matt Hardy angle in TNA Impact Wrestling make more sense.

When wrestling podcast host Chad Dukes posted a video on Twitter of Broken Matt Hardy and his family executing the “Delete” hand motion, Batista responded that this was taking “Jumping the Shark” to a “whole new level.”

There are plenty of people who hate the Broken Matt Hardy angle but it has brought more attention to TNA Impact Wrestling than anything in years. Many wrestling fans who love the more ridiculous aspects of the industry have latched onto Total Deletion and the other Broken Matt Hardy creations.

Next week, it even takes another step when Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) challenge all teams from time and space to a match at the Hardy Family Compound for the TNA tag team titles.

Shane Helms (the former Hurricane Helms in the WWE) already accepted the challenge with the tag team The Helms Dynasty (Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett) as did Decay (Abyss and Crazzy Steve).

There are also rumors that legends like the Rock N Roll Express will show up, and Broken Matt Hardy appeared in a Ring of Honor video challenging The Young Bucks to show up.

With the Hardy Boyz possibly having a new deal to appear in Ring of Honor, one has to wonder if talent like the Briscoe Brothers could show up. The Hardy Boyz even challenged The New Day from the WWE to show up, although that will never happen.

Matt Hardy’s toddler son King Maxwell is also said to make his in-ring debut, which might have led to Batista making the “Jumping the Shark” comment.

This is the most recent event that Broken Matt Hardy has held. It all started when Broken Matt Hardy challenged his brother Jeff Hardy for the family name. This was The Final Deletion and with the win, Broken Matt deleted Jeff Hardy and Brother Nero was born in his place.

The TNA Impact Wrestling storyline also included a groundskeeper named Senor Benjamin and a self-aware and self-thinking droid named Vanguard 1. Also involved in the storyline is Broken Matt Hardy’s wife Reby Sky and his toddler son King Maxwell.


The angle was silly, the entire fight was shot like a movie, and there were things like a dilapidated boat and the lake of resurrection, which could cause a person to heal all injuries, and in some cases, revert to a former persona (Jeff Hardy went in and came out as an earlier version of his character from years ago).

As silly as it was, WWE fans started chanting “Delete” when Bubba Ray Dudley mentioned the Hardy Boyz on WWEMonday Night Raw. It is also interesting that the WWE had a match between The Wyatt Family and New Day at the Wyatt Family home, something that was a clear reference to the Final Deletion angle.

After that, Broken Matt and Brother Nero took on Decay in a Delete or Decay match, that was also over-the-top and included many of the same things as Total Deletion. Now, they are going with the biggest angle of them all with Total Nonstop Deletion, which will be the length of the entire television show next week.

[Featured Image by Impact Wrestling]