Bindi Irwin Melts Hearts With Emotional Goodbye To Boyfriend Chandler Powell

Bindi Irwin may be the queen of long distance relationships, maintaining a relationship with boyfriend Chandler Powell, who lives in Florida. Bindi makes her home in Australia, where she can continue to take up the legacy her father, Steve Irwin, left behind. While Ms. Irwin and Chandler are determined to make the most of their romance with in-person visits adding spice to their online communication, each time they part breaks their hearts anew. As Bindi shares in her most recent Instagram post, their visits never seem quite long enough, doubling the longing she feels for Powell from the moment he’s out of sight.

Bindi Irwin Gives Chandler Powell A Heartfelt Send Off

Following a romantic visit at Bindi Irwin’s Australian home, Us Weekly reports that Chandler was compelled to return to the United States, where he attends school, when he’s not competing as a professional wakeboarder. The parting was bittersweet for Powell and Irwin, who found the kiss and hug at the terminal all too brief. Bindi followed up their parting with an Instagram post, expressing the remorse she felt at having to watch Chandler go home.

“You are flying back to the USA today,” Ms. Irwin wrote in the caption of a picture in which she is seen cuddling with Powell. “Dropping you off at the airport & waving goodbye, it never gets easier.”

Writing further in the caption, Bindi revealed that Chandler’s stay in Australia was far longer than one would assume, as she let her long-time boyfriend know just how special his visit was to her. Bindi expressed her gratitude for their time together in no uncertain terms.

“Thank you for the most wonderful adventures these last few months. We even got to celebrate your 20th birthday here in Australia together, hiking through the Great Dividing Range! I’ve known you since you were 16 and every day, from the very first day I met you, you’ve been my sunshine,” wrote Ms. Irwin. “I will see you again soon! Thank you for everything, you always make me smile, no matter how far apart we may be.”

Bindi closed the posting by expressing her heartbreak at being parted from Chandler, leaving even the casual reader feeling the sorrow and hope in her words.

“Have fun while you’re away, go find lots of manatees in Florida for me! I miss you so much already. You really do mean the world to me.”

A Decade Later, Bindi Irwin Pays Tribute To The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin

Even 10 years later, the sting of having lost her father so young has remained, and as Daily Mail reports, Bindi never lets a year pass without commemorating the life of Steve Irwin on the anniversary of his death. This year was no different.

Posting as Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warrior on Instagram, Bindi shared an image of both parents with baby brother, Robert, in Terri Irwin’s arms, while Steve held Bindi. The moment out of time was shared to coincide with the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner in Brisbane.

“As the #SteveIrwinGala comes to an end this year we reflect on the beautiful memories we have of the ultimate Wildlife Warrior, my Dad, Steve Irwin,” Bindi captioned the image.

She added a comment that Steve’s legacy would continue to live on and with Bindi as dedicated to caring for wildlife as Steve had been, there’s no doubt that The Crocodile Hunter‘s life work will continue for many more years.

The event took place before Chandler’s departure and Bindi expressed joy at having him at her side, throughout the dinner and event. While Ms. Irwin gushed over her “wonderful boyfriend,” she added that they aren’t quite ready to make the big plunge. Bindi and Chandler seem happy with the way things are, except for those long goodbyes.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]