Loyola University Professor Calls Cops On Student For Wearing His Official Police Uniform And Weapon To Class

Danny Cox

The world is a different place than it used to be, and it seems as if everyone is cautious of virtually anyone they come across. Ever since the election ended, some have criticized others for being too sensitive or "soft," but are they really? Well, things were taken to a new level in New Orleans this week as a student insisted a college professor call the police on another student who was armed and happened to be wearing his official police officer's uniform to class.

Josh Collins has attended Loyola University in New Orleans for some eight years now, and he has been continuing his education. Currently, he is taking a class that is titled "Law and Morality," and ironically enough, that is where all of his troubles took place this past week.

— Loyola New Orleans (@Loyola_NOLA) December 7, 2016

The Christmas season is always busy for the police forces around the country, and this year is no different. On Wednesday, Collins was running a bit behind, and instead of changing out of his uniform, he simply headed to class from work and didn't change so he wouldn't be any later than he already was.

Upon arriving at class, things began to take an odd turn. Josh Collins wrote a long and detailed post on his Facebook page that described the entire incident. The class he has attended in civilian clothes for the last six weeks was very different on this day, and it is quite odd.

"You know, as a white male conservative, I have put up with a lot of prejudicial and biased comments directed towards me while attending Loyola University New Orleans. I usually think the comments are funny because the ideals of a 18 year old ultra socialist frankly are funny to me. But today made me sad for the youth and the college I have attended for 8 years."

The Loyola University professor then called the police on Sergeant Josh Collins.

Yes, a professor at Loyola University in New Orleans called the police due to having an armed police officer in his class.

"My professor then pulled me out of class and told me that he had called the police based on the student complaint The police obviously never came and told him over the phone that I was perfectly within the law."

UPDATE on Dec. 11, 2016: According to WWL, representatives of Loyola University has said that the entire situation was a misunderstanding. The entire incident was said to have taken place during a 15-minute break between classes and that the professor contacting campus police acted within university policy per a statement from the school.

"A student in the class saw another student with a firearm, and during a class break said something to the teacher. The teacher contacted campus security to determine university policy. Campus security directed the teacher to confirm that the student with the firearm works in law enforcement. The teacher confirmed that the student worked in law enforcement and the class resumed at the end of the break."

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