Find Out Mariah Carey’s Two-Ingredient Diet, ‘Mariah’s World’ Pulls In 4 Million Viewers

There is no question that Mariah Carey is looking more fabulous than ever lately, and although it was understood that the diva was dropping weight to look her best on her wedding day for former fiance James Packer, the wedding is now off. Carey reportedly is continuing to follow her strict workout and diet regimen, however. She must love the results she’s getting from keeping on a set plan and it’s tough to blame the superstar mother-of-two. She has never looked better, and while there were reports a month or so ago that Carey was wallowing after Packer apparently dumped her, Mariah presently appears to have been unaffected by the recent split seeing as she’s been spotted enjoying time with her choreographer and backup dancer Bryan Tanaka. The two have even sparked romance rumors, but the diva is remaining tight-lipped on the subject.

As for how she is achieving and maintaining her fab physique, Mariah recently shared with E! that her diet comes down to two key ingredients. The star also stated that although it’s definitely working for her, it’s not an easy diet to follow seeing as it consists of ONLY capers and Norwegian salmon. People shared Carey’s words on the subject.

“It’s really hard. My diet, you would hate it. All you eat is Norwegian salmon and capers every day. That’s it,” she confessed.

Although it sounds like there are a few food groups missing from the diva’s daily meal plan, like the baguette and slices of cheese to complement, Carey insists that those two items are all she ingests each day. Although Mariah looks amazing by following this diet that is severely lacking in variety, it’s likely not one that is suggested by nutritionists seeing as usually a balanced diet is promoted by health care professionals. To each their own, however, and Mariah Carey has earned the right to be whoever she wishes and eat what she pleases without judgement.

As noted, Mariah and James Packer went their separate ways only two months ago, according to reports, although some sources have indicated that the engaged pair may have split months earlier than the point it became public knowledge. Regardless of the split, Mariah is doing remarkably well at the moment with a successful Vegas residency and now a new reality TV docuseries that aired on Sunday to a massive audience. There were fears expressed by Carey’s team that Mariah’s World was a bad move for the star, but it has proven to be a program that has gained her fans’ interest, and likely the interest of those who really just want to see the demanding diva in action, behind the scenes. Deadline shared the numbers that the first episode of the reality program drew.

“The December 4 premiere averaged 527k adults 18-49 and 843k total viewers on E! and 689k in 18-49 with 1.3MM total viewers on Bravo. Combined, the series ranked among the top five ad-supported cable series on Sunday night among adults 18-49 (1.2M), women 18-49 (904k), adults 18-34 (594k) and women 18-34 (442k), according to Nielsen. It also delivered nearly 3M social engagements, ranking among the five most social premieres in E! history.”

The feature has eight parts and gives exclusive access inside the private life of the superstar singer-songwriter. Viewers will follow the diva as she sets out on her first world tour in over a decade and also gives insight into the star’s inner circle and her personal relationships.

It has been reported that following the split with Packer, the billionaire businessman demanded that he be taken out of any footage from the show. Carey is clearly pushing forward and not looking back in the true Mariah fashion.

[Feature Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for M.A.C]