‘The Voice’ Season 11: Finalist Christian Cuevas Turns His Performance Into A Worship Service [Video]

Since April of 2011, The Voice has been one of the most popular music television programs every week. Filling a giant void that American Idol left, the concept of the show is different and intriguing. In the music industry, appearance plays a significant factor in one ascending up the ladder and landing a lucrative deal. However, it can be unfair to those who do not look a certain way, but can sing just as good, if not better.

The concept of The Voice wraps these ideas in one. With their backs initially turned away from the contestants, all appearance bias is removed. The button is pressed from a judge only based on what they hear, removing any temptation to pick someone due to other factors. Approaching six years later, the show continues to gain a wide fanbase nationwide.

Every season, the show leaves memorable moments that leave spectators breathless. This year, finalist Christian Cuevas is gaining rapid mainstream attention from his performance of Israel Houghton’s “To Worship You I Live.”

The bone-chilling performance left the majority of the audience amazed, and team captain Alicia Keys pleasantly surprised. Boldly singing for Jesus, Cuevas commanded the stage during this moment of the show.

Looking forward to the future. #VoiceTop8 @christiancuevasmusic

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Though he was eliminated after five weeks, he gained the support of many viewers via social media.

“Aint a worship leader in the world that aint proud of you bro!You took a moment that could have been all you & made it all him”

“you are just beyond amazing!! Could listen to you all day!!”

“I just wanted to thank you for a first time ever worship on national TV on the Voice even! Was so awe inspiring.. thank you!”

“Grateful for your public witness of the Lord Jesus & the Good News thru your music, your voice on @NBCTheVoice #GiftedForGod”

Team captain Alicia Keys also tweeted a very strong word of encouragement for Cuevas.

Cuevas started the song in English, belting the lyrics (h/t Christian Post), “Away away from the noise alone with you away away to hear your voice and meet with you nothing else matters my one desire is. To worship you I live to worship you I live, I live to worship you (X2).”

He would then sing it in Spanish before approaching a choir in the pit area dressed in white garment. This moment took an already-poignant performance to an even deeper level, as the camera showed Keys singing along. The conclusion of the song saw Cuevas in tears after feeling so passionate about his message of faith.

The success of this performance gained immediate popularly, as this rendition jumped up to number 8 in the singles chart and top 10 overall.

Interestingly, when asked on the show why this song was picked by him, he mentioned that it was due to his new fiancee, who he met in church.


The song became popular by multi-time Grammy Award winner Israel Houghton off of his 2005 Alive in South Africa release. The album won a Grammy for Best Traditional Gospel Album. Houghton was sure to give his support for Cuevas prior to his performance.

“I’m so honored that he chose to sing one of my songs ‘To Worship You I Live.’ I Love his humble heart and his willingness to honor God on any and all platforms.”

There is no question that this performance has gained Cuevas substantial attention, and it is a much-needed catapult to his future in becoming an established recording artist. Seemingly, gospel music is the right choice for him, and his version of such a popular and amazing worship song has captured the hearts and minds of many, showing no shame to proclaim the name of Christ on such a huge media stage.

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