UFO News: Bizarre Sighting Over Los Angeles Defies Explanation

UFO news frequently includes strange sightings, but many of those do align with what could be called "acceptable norms." A sighting this week that was reported to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) steps outside of the norms on several points. The two points that really make this UFO report bizarre are the lights the witness states were on the UFO and the UFO's abrupt disappearance.

The witness reported that she saw the UFO on a clear night. She had just left a game with friends when she was enjoying the evening sky. At that point, she saw the UFO pass overhead silently.

"My first thought was 'airplane', but this was immediately replaced by 'drone?' because it was too fast for a commercial flight, and completely silent. And then I thought that it couldn't have been a drone, because again, it was completely silent, and the most common drones are quadcopters. This thing was in the shape of a chevron, and dark gray. It was a little larger than the moon, which was slightly farther away. Another thing that perplexed me besides the speed were the lights. Three of them, one on each wing end and one under the middle corner, unblinking, and a dim gray. I've never seen gray lights in my life."

"The chevron was headed southeast, when suddenly, without slowing down, it made a sharp, tight U-turn, pivoted, and disappeared before my eyes. I didn't blink, I didn't look away for a second, and there were no clouds for it to hide behind. It was there, and then it was gone. I don't think we have the technology to make planes turn the way this thing did."

A cloaked UFO could avoid detection and radars
A cloaked UFO could avoid detection and radars, but it would definitely be news. [Image by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]

The witness did not take a photograph of the UFO, and no videos were reported, nor any news reports about it. UFO news every week includes what seem like unbelievable and often questionable sightings on the internet and in the news. Peter Davenport, the Director of NUFORC, discussed the case of this UFO on his weekly check in with the Coast to Coast A.M. radio show, and he was also intrigued by this report.

While it is possible to debunk some UFO sightings in the news based on corroborated sightings of the UFO that explain it, or through photo and video analysis, this report stands solely on the eyewitness testimony of one person. All personal testimony requires caution in analysis, as people are constrained by their cultural indoctrination, the limits of their senses, and their beliefs about UFOs. In this case, for instance, a person from a small town who now lives in Los Angeles may well see things in the sky that lifelong residents wouldn't deem as UFOs or news. We also do not know how well the person hears, or if there was a din of traffic noise that could have obscured the sound of the UFO.

Once could consider this explanation for the sighting, which would not qualify as UFO news. A drone hobbyist has his drone out for a night flight. Since there are no photos, one could argue that the witness saw the drone at the end of its flight instead of a silent UFO, perhaps when the batteries were beginning to run low, which could have dimmed the lights causing them to take on a gray hue in the Los Angeles pollution. At the end of the run, the operator brought the drone down just as its batteries depleted, which could have caused the drone to seem like it disappeared. Also, one could make the case that a quad drone could have had a malfunctioning light, causing a triangle, or chevron pattern. This scenario is neither a silent UFO nor news.

It is easy to dismiss traditional military aircraft. The witness states that the UFO was silent. While there may be noise dampening technology in limited use, a military aircraft will make loud noise flying overhead, as shown in the video below where a B2 stealth bomber makes a low pass. In Los Angeles, that would certainly be news.

A B2 bomber resembles a chevron shape.
A B2 bomber resembles a chevron shape. [Image by USAF/Getty Images]

The B2 is analogous because it has a chevron shape, and its lights would show that. But the odds of a B2 on a low altitude flight passing over a Los Angeles suburb unnoticed by all but one person are fairly low. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association website has a detailed look at low altitude flying in Los Angeles. It is noteworthy that this information includes discussion about the haze in Los Angeles.

On the other hand, this UFO sighting merits some news coverage based on the poor visibility in the area. If the haze in Los Angeles can obscure landmarks like Disneyland in the distance, it would be possible to spot a UFO in a specific location without that sighting making the evening news. This UFO could have gone unnoticed by many due to those conditions. Even a clear night in the light of the Los Angeles sky could obscure a UFO at a distance.

That noted, what is equally intriguing about this sighting is that it is an outlier as far as UFO news goes. There are no similar sightings reported in the last week. The witness was clear that she saw a chevron shaped UFO with gray lights that ultimately disappeared into thin air. This UFO could represent a new phenomenon worth watching for. It isn't beyond the limits of imagination for an alien race capable of interstellar, or trans-dimensional travel to also be equipped with cloaking technology. Discovering such a UFO would be incredible news.

For now, this week's strangest sighting in UFO news is chalked up to unexplained. Perhaps in the future, similar sightings will clarify what this witness saw, and either expose a new UFO phenomenon or fill the news with stories about drones in Los Angeles. The alternative to common explanations is a cloaked UFO patrolling the skies at low altitude above Los Angeles. That will require some extraordinary evidence to prove. If this witness did see a UFO in the manner she described, it's only a matter of time before a picture or video hits the news with a bizarre and frightening glimpse at this new phenomena.

[Featured Image by David McNew/Getty Images]