WWE News: There's Apparently Major Speculation That WWE Superstar Paige Failed Another Drug Test

WWE Superstar Paige is now able to work with WWE again after her suspension expired recently, but there is already speculation that she failed her third test under the WWE Wellness Policy. Paige was suspended earlier this year for violating the policy, which was her first suspension with WWE in any way. Paige has always been a very good girl who has shown up every day she's asked and always did what she was asked to do.

Then she met Alberto Del Rio, and since then, there has been a major drop that has caused Paige to basically become a moron backstage. The reputation she had was always great, and she was never an issue for the WWE before Del Rio. This led many to believing Del Rio was becoming a bad influence, which seems to now make a lot of sense.

Her first Wellness Policy suspension came at the same time Del Rio was suspended for his first violation. Del Rio's contract with WWE would expire in October, and right as his suspension was expiring he would end up leaving the WWE. While Del Rio has been pretty open about his love of WWE since departing, there has been an issue with Paige ever since.

Paige photoshoot
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The two have been in the news far too much where before we barely heard anything about Paige. Right after she was able to return from her first suspension, she was suspended again for the same issue. Paige would go online to tell the world that a doctor gave her medicine to help her through the pain she was having with her neck, as she needed surgery.

WWE refuted that, claiming she took an illegal substance that no one is really certain of. You just have to think of all illegal drugs in the United States not related to weed. Good luck figuring it out. Regardless, this meant Paige now had to serve a sixty day suspension. This allowed her to spend more time with her boyfriend Alberto. She would take him home to meet her family and then end up asking him to marry her at an independent wrestling show.

Her brother and father would be heavily against the marriage, apparently seeing what people in WWE were seeing about the relationship. Yet both are still together and Paige is still under a long-term deal with the WWE. She re-signed with the company for a long period of time before she got into a relationship with Del Rio, which keeps Paige in the WWE for quite a while. What better way to get out of it than the only real way possible, Wellness Policy suspensions?

Paige proposal to Del Rio
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With her first two on the record, and WWE's three strike rule, all Paige has to do is fail another test and it is grounds for immediate release. WWE is bound by the policy, and they have to make sure they release the medical reports from the tests to the public due to being publicly traded. Anyone that fails has to be suspended or in Paige's case, fired.

Now there is huge speculation that Paige has failed yet another test, as according to Ringside News, she tweeted out on December 8th...

"When you do nothing wrong but things still bite you in ass for no reason. Always fun haha."
This started major online and backstage speculation on her failing another test. Meanwhile some believe this is in response to her comeback after failing her last test that she believes was incorrect...even though an illegal drug was in her system at the time of testing. Regardless of why she was suspended, many believe Paige is trying very hard to get released so she can be with her now fiance Alberto Del Rio 24/7.

It should be noted that the tweet above was deleted and that Del shot down rumors of her trying to leave to TMZ. However, you cannot really trust Del Rio to openly say that yes, his girlfriend/fiance is now attempting to bypass the system and get released via Wellness Policy violations. That would be grounds for a lawsuit if Paige did this, and no one wants that out there. Even though it is fact that Paige is doing this, WWE is now trying to keep her away from Del Rio while she is recovering from her surgery.

Paige is not expected back in the ring until later next year, but WWE is getting her back out with the company for her to work in a non-wrestling role. This will put her on the road a lot and many feel this will keep her away from Del Rio enough to push them apart. Obviously, this may not be the intention, but it is rare that WWE uses people on television when they're out with an injury. WWE loves the big return angle, so they're fine with keeping them out. Hopefully this return with the WWE will help Paige more, as right now there is a lot of worry among fans and people in WWE.

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