WWE News: Another Legend Taken Off Of Television And ‘No Longer With The Company’

The world of professional wrestling is one that is ever-changing, and many times, it is out with the old and in with the new. Different faces show up and rise to the top, while old favorites have to step down and move on. Lately, that has been happening quite a bit in WWE, with one legend being taken off television completely and coming in as part-time. Now, another legend hasn’t only been taken off of TV but could also be gone entirely from the company.

Lita (real name Amy Dumas) was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame before WrestleMania XXX almost three years ago. Since then, she has worked with the company in numerous ways including as a trainer on Tough Enough, creative writer for WWE, and pre-show host for Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live, and pay-per-view events.

Now, it seems as if she isn’t with the company at all anymore and is officially done.

wwe news amy dumas lita gone legends deal pre-show monday night raw
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As reported by 24 Wrestling, Lita has been pulled from the WWE Network pre-shows, but her removal isn’t the only change. The shows were also cut down by 10 minutes, and it is still possible that they will be done away with entirely.

Reports have stated that Lita was not only taken off of the pre-shows and all of WWE television, but she was also given a WWE Legends deal so she could do other work for the organization. However, that doesn’t appear to be true, according to announcing legend Jim Ross.

Usually, when Jim Ross says something, it ends up being the truth. Making this tweet even more legitimate is that he said Lita herself told him that she was no longer with WWE and that her time with the company is done.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, per Bleeding Cool, states that Lita is indeed under a WWE Legends deal that could have her brought back for special events in the future. Lita’s removal and the shortening of the pre-shows are also not the only big changes made lately.

wwe news amy dumas lita gone legends deal pre-show monday night raw jerry lawler
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Jerry Lawler has worked for WWE for decades and has been an announcer, Hall of Fame host, and worked a lot on the pre-shows. However, he has been completely removed from television and has also been offered a Legends deal so that he can return to work special events.

While there may be some confusion on Lita’s status, it seems that Lawler’s stance with WWE has indeed been confirmed. WrestleZone has even reported that Lawler will be touring the United Kingdom as a one-man comedy show in the early part of 2017.

Lawler has fallen a bit out of favor with WWE over the past few years, as he was moved from Raw to SmackDown announcing duties and was suspended earlier in 2016 for domestic assault. Charges eventually ended up being dropped, and he returned to do commentary but was soon placed on the pre-shows.

Lita (Amy Dumas) was a true legend in the ring and will always be remembered as one of the best women’s wrestlers of all time. She has done a lot of work for the company since her retirement and has become a true face of WWE. Now, she has been taken off of television, and according to her own words, she doesn’t even have a Legends deal in place but is simply gone from the company entirely. It will be interesting to see if the two ever work together again.

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