Kate Middleton Pregnant: Lack Of Appearances Reignites Rumors Of Baby No. 3

Kate Middleton pregnant rumors abound it seems — according to multiple media sources and speculation regarding why she failed to show for a charity event — but the latest tweets from fans of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, and her royal husband, Prince William, seem to highlight what some on social media have been speculating about and adding fuel to the notion of a third child.

Fans and critics alike apparently have been wondering about the Duchess of Cambridge as she had not made any public appearances “in well over several weeks now,” according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

The absence of Middleton does nothing to quell the never-ending royal baby rumors.

“The last time the Duchess was disappeared from the public eye was when she was pregnant with her daughter, Princess Charlotte, back in 2015. She also stayed away from the cameras during her pregnancy with Prince George in 2013.”

Speculation increases in the absence of Kate Middleton from the public scene, and a September 2014 story regarding Kate’s previous pregnancy issues brings up a good point — perhaps Duchess Kate is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme morning sickness) again.

“Although every pregnancy is different, having hyperemesis gravidarum during one pregnancy may make a woman more likely to have it in subsequent pregnancies,” Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a practicing OB/GYN and senior medical contributor for ABC News, was quoted as saying.

That the situation may be “worse the second time around” was also noted by Dr. Ashton.

“Sometimes subsequent pregnancies have it starting sooner, lasting longer and being more severe.”

Duchess Kate Middleton, pregnant or not, making an appearance anywhere this season has royal fans watching for signs of a third royal baby bump. According to E! News, there has been an intense interest over the royal wedding and the previous Kate Middleton pregnancies, which netted 2 billion news seekers.

Subsequent articles on royal offspring Prince George and Princess Charlotte have also netted quite a bit of planetary interest.

The Duchess of Cambridge - 11/22/16
The Duchess of Cambridge [Image by KGC-375/STAR MAX/IPx via AP Images]

Although, according to CNN, when the young royal family visited Canada last September, they were snubbed by the leader of Canadian indigenous peoples, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, who became “a no-show at an event celebrating the royals.” The Grand Chief was quoted as being upset with “the deepening poverty” and the “negligence” he observed.

“With the deepening poverty of our communities, remembering the missing and murdered indigenous women and girls, and the ongoing negligence of indigenous child welfare policies across this country, in good conscience, I cannot participate in the Black Rod Ceremony.”

Still, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were able to attend a party for military families and “played with balloons and bubbles” during the family trip to Canada.

Kate Middleton 2016 rumor
Britain's Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. [Image by Eddie Mulholland/Pool Photo via AP Images]

While no official comments have come from Kensington Palace, Middleton’s last public appearance was November 22, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, which also comments on what is seen as “Kate’s fuller figure.” So, if hyperemesis gravidarum is the issue for Middleton’s public absence, as has been speculated, it is plausible she has pulled away from those highly visible royal appearances for a legitimate reason.

The speculation on a rumor such as “Kate Middleton pregnant” will likely continue with such a heightened and ongoing interest among fans of the royals, but any official word must come from Kensington Palace before any such rumors can be confirmed.

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