Kristen Doute Wedding Planning: Why ‘Pump Rules’ Didn’t Agree With Ariana As Groomsman

Kristen Doute is very close to Katie Maloney and she has been labeled as a mean girl after gossiping about her Vanderpump Rules co-stars this season. Katie and Kristen have been gossiping alongside Stassi Schroeder, who quickly became the mean girl of the show a few years ago. But since these three girls are so close, it makes sense that Doute has been involved in the wedding planning. Maloney’s wedding planning has been a huge part of the Vanderpump Rules this season, so when Kristen learned that Ariana Madix has become a groomsman, she had a few words to say.

According to a new Bravo report, Kristen Doute seems surprised that Ariana would be a part of the wedding, especially since Katie didn’t ask her to participate in the wedding. It’s no secret that Madix and Katie aren’t exactly best friends and Ariana had revealed that she hated being a bridesmaid. It seemed like the perfect solution to keep Ariana out of the wedding completely, until Tom Schwartz asked her to be one of his groomsmen in the wedding.

“I think it was a really good decision on Katie’s part to not make her a bridesmaid. [Ariana] actually made it abundantly clear that she would be relieved to not be a bridesmaid, I think, is what she told a few of us. And so it made it an easy decision for Katie,” Kristen Doute explained to Bravo about why it was a good decision for Katie to leave Madix out of the wedding drama, especially since she has admitted that she’s not a girl’s girl, adding, “It was an awkward conversation, but that way, she could still be a part of the wedding and not have to be around all of us. So it was better for her, and it was definitely better for me.”

Kristen Doute Pump Rules
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Of course, Kristen Doute doesn’t want to become friendly with Ariana, as she is still hurt by the past. When Kristen was dating Tom Sandoval, she had a feeling that he had cheated on her with Madix because they spent lots of time together. When they broke up, Tom admitted that he had kissed Ariana in Vegas. While she was right about him cheating on her, Kristen Doute couldn’t take responsibility for her own cheating, as it was revealed that she had slept with Jax Taylor twice. Despite being furious about the past, Doute does see the logic in making Ariana a groomsman, but she is happy that she doesn’t have to deal with Madix on the wedding day.

“When I first found out that she was a groomsman, it was just like, insert giant eye roll. Like, of course you are, Ariana. Of course you’re stoked about that. Of course you’re the guys’ girl, like go crack a beer with the dudes. Come on,” Kristen Doute explains about Tom’s decision to make Madix his groomsman, adding, “But she’s important to Katie and Tom. And Sandoval is like the most important person in Tom’s life, other than Katie, I guess. So it really just did make sense. I mean, of course, I was shocked by it, but I gave in. And I didn’t really have to be around her that much.”

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Since Maloney was getting married, it is possible that Kristen didn’t want to make a fuss at her wedding to ruin her day.

What do you think of Kristen Doute’s comments about Tom Schwartz’s decision to include Ariana as part of his wedding party when Katie hadn’t included her? Do you think it was a logical decision, given she’s closer with Tom than with Katie?

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