‘Destiny’: Xur’s Exotic Goods For Dec. 9, Dunemarchers Step In

Xûr has been holding out on Destiny players. The Agent of the Nine has the previously unsold Dunemarchers available for Titans this week. Meanwhile, Hunters in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One shooter will want to check out the near perfect roll for the Sealed Ahamkara Grasps.

This weekend, Xûr can be found across from the Speaker in the Tower North. Simply head to the left when you first spawn in the Tower, and you’ll find him standing in front of a large, round door across from the speaker’s entrance. Here’s where you can find him on the Tower map.

Destiny Xur North Tower (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Xûr and his items will only be available in Destiny through Sunday morning. He will be gone as soon as the clock strikes 4 a.m. ET/1 a.m. PT.

Exotic Gear on Sale

Name Type Stats Cost
Dunemarchers Titan Boots 47 (70) Discipline /
52 (75) Strength
13 Strange Coins
Sealed Ahamkara Grasps Hunter Gauntlets 41 (58) Discipline /
40 (57) Strength
13 Strange Coins
Alchemist’s Raiment Warlock Chest Armor 56 (81) Intellect /
59(84) Strength
13 Strange Coins
Red Death Pulse Rifle 23 Strange Coins
Legacy Engram Special Weapon 31 Strange Coins



Name Type Cost
Not a Toy (Zhalo Supercell) Ornament 25 Silver Dust
Crucible Assassin (Trespasser) Ornament 25 Silver Dust
Plasma Drive Legendary Vehicle Upgrade 23 Strange Coins
“Emerald Coil” Legendary Vehicle Upgrade 23 Strange Coins
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Ammo Synthesis 3-pack 1 Strange Coin
Three of Coins Exotic Chance Boost 5-pack 7 Strange Coins
Glass Needles Resets Exotic Stats 3-pack 3 Strange Coins


For those wondering what to get, here are a few helpful hints.

Red Death

Destiny Red Death Exotic Pulse Rifle

The Red Death can be a crucial weapon in some of tougher PVE encounters simply because of its namesake perk, which fully regenerates player health after each kill. The Unflinching perk also makes this a great weapon for PVP, as it helps you keep your aim steady while you’re being shot.

The Pulse Rifle was favored in the Crucible for quite a while, but balance changes to the entire weapon class reduced its effectiveness and use in multiplayer.


The Dunemarchers Exotic Boots for Titans in Destiny.
[Image by 'Destiny']

The Dunemarchers Exotic Boots turn Titans into speedsters. The “Speed Demon” perk grants increased sprint speed, increased movement speed while aiming your weapon, and a tighter turn radius while sprinting. This Exotic favors those who like to be on the move.

The optional perks fit with the current Crucible meta thanks to the choice between carrying extra Shotgun or Rocket Launcher ammo. The final column perk is “Arc Double-Down” for increased agility for five seconds after an Arc double kill.

While this is the first time these boots have been sold by Xûr, the 70 Discipline / 75 Strength stat roll is near bottom of the barrel. Use Glass Needles to re-roll to something more favorable.

Sealed Ahamkara Grasps

Destiny Sealed Ahamkara Grasps Hunter Exotic Gauntlets (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Destiny]

This Year Two Exotic Gauntlet piece for Hunters works well with the new Nightstalker subclass, as well as Bladedancers, due to the extra melee charge. This will give Hunters the ability to go invisible twice, which is always a bonus in PVE and sometimes in PVP, too.

The second column random perk rolls include “Switchblade” for reduced melee cooldown time and “Impact Induction” for bonus grenade energy on melee hits. The third column optional perks offer a choice between faster Sidearm or Machine Gun reloading.

The 58 Discipline / 57 Strength split stat roll is top tier for Destiny players. This is a near perfect roll keep.

Alchemist’s Raiment

Destiny Alchemists Raiment Exotic Chest Armor (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Destiny]

This chest piece will definitely make Warlocks the best dressed Destiny Guardians in any activity. Additionally, the intrinsic “Iron to Gold” perk gives the player Glimmer when picking up Primary Weapon ammo and gives bonus Grenade and Melee energy when picking up Orbs of Light while the Super energy bar is full.

The optional perks roll in favor of Stormcallers. In addition to the optional perk that grants more Special or Heavy ammo, it also comes with the choice between “Arc Burn Defense” and “Arc Armor.”

Alchemists’s Raiment is a neutral piece but best fits the Sunsinger and Stormcaller. However, Destiny players have discovered the “Iron to Gold” perk does not drop Glimmer at a particularly steady rate. The pure 81 Intellect / 84 Strength split stat roll is near excellent. It is five points away from maximum on Intellect and two points from max in Strength.

[Featured Image by Bungie; all table information via Destiny]