Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend Nina Agdal Shows Off Cleavage And Curves

Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend Nina Agdal flaunted her sexy physique, giving cameras a glimpse of her curves and her cleavage during a photoshoot for Adore Me.

DiCaprio’s main squeeze showed off her modeling prowess in one of the photos where she was clad in a purple lacy swimsuit that displayed her tanned body. This follows her return from a romantic getaway with her boyfriend just before Thanksgiving. The two flew to California for the getaway and were seen having lunch with a few of their friends at Butcher & Bee. Apart from showcasing her beautiful tan, we also get a glimpse of her flat tummy and a nice view of her ample cleavage. The pink swimsuit also featured some gold accents that complement her sun-kissed skin.

Another photo from the same shoot featured the beautiful 24-year-old in a sportier swimsuit while sitting on the edge of a swimming pool. In the photo, Agdal pulled her hair back to one side, giving the camera a better view of her flawless face. The swimsuit had a black and blue color scheme with the blue mostly appearing on the outline of the bikini. It firmly held her breasts in place while also revealing her cleavage. The photo was also taken while she was smiling, revealing a set of beautiful teeth and her brown eyes had a sort of sparkle, almost like in the movies.

Nina was also featured wearing a swimsuit similar to the black and blue one, only the other swimsuit had a black and pink color scheme. This time she lay on her back with her body slightly lifted inside an inflated pool float in the shape of a donut. The model also did the same on another photo after switching to another swimsuit, this time, a polka-dotted one. The camera captured her incredible smile once again while she was on a different float.

Nina Agdal
[Image by Evan Agostini/AP Images]

Agdal’s photoshoot was nothing short of glorious. She is a Victoria’s Secret model after all and thus wears lingerie as a profession. She has a lot of experience and confidence as a Victoria’s Secret model and that is probably one of the reasons the camera loves her so much. Quite a catch for DiCaprio. The two are believed to have hooked up for the first time in 2014. Things might have taken a different turn for the couple but they are thought to have sparked another flame just a few months ago during summer.

Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend Nina Agdal flaunts cleavage and curves
[Image by Andy Kropa/AP Images]

Nina was named the new face of the Adore Me brand which is one of the reasons she was doing the shoot. It might be winter in most places but seeing Agdal looking so incredible in the swimwear makes for a compelling reason to stock up on some new bikinis.

Agdal has also been mentioned as one of the models that will be featured in the Advent calendar event for Love Magazine this season. The love Advent calendar is one of the most outspoken and highly anticipated shoots of the holiday season. Nina Agdal will be featured along with other noteworthy faces from the modeling fraternity. Some of the other models that have been featured in the shoot include Hailey Baldwin, Hannah Ferguson, Sofia Richie, Jasmine Sanders, Kendall Jenner, and Emily Ratajkowski among others.

Judging by the list of names, this year’s lineup will definitely be worth checking out. This is because it features some of the current top models. Considering Agdal’s impressive shoot for the Adore Me brand, it is safe to say that her Love Advent calendar shoot is something to look forward to.

Thanks to the getaway with DiCaprio we got to see her beautiful tanned body.