‘The Vampire Diaries’ Finale: Everyone’s ‘Slightly In Denial’ According To Candice King

It’s the final season of The Vampire Diaries and it’s understandable that everyone on the set will have a tough time saying goodbye to the show which they’ve worked on since 2009. Candice King described to TV Guide what it’s like to shoot the scenes knowing that this season’s their last.

It’s been a bit of a crazy year. I think we’ll start getting much more sentimental after the holidays. We always have pretty tough shooting schedules so we’re still just in the thick of the workload of the episodes. But I think it will be so wonderful after the holidays. All the episodes will be written and ready and all the actors will be rested and I think it will feel real. I think everyone’s slightly in denial still, myself included.”

Candice is grateful that the writers of The Vampire Diaries gave depth to her character. From a seemingly superficial woman in the first season, Caroline evolved into a strong character who’s now one of the show’s key players.

That’s what I’m most thankful about with this character. Eight years later on a supernatural, serialized TV show doing 22 episodes a season, and I just appreciate that this character has had so much growth and has gotten to have relationships and different things go on with her parents and her friends and also going on this big journey of who she is as a vampire and what that means.”

Stefan and Caroline’s fate is now bleak because of Cade’s presence in Season 8. Stefan’s deal with him derailed Steroline’s wedding plans and in an interview with MTV News, Candice said that while Caroline won’t give up on her fiancé, she is likewise clueless. “She has no idea how to help Stefan. Cade is not just another bad guy. How do you help when it’s the devil?” she explained.

It’s been quite a journey for “Vampire Barbie” especially after Nina Dobrev left the series. With Nina’s departure, the other characters needed to step up their games too. With the show’s looming finale, it is greatly possible that Nina will come back for one last episode. As reported by the Digital Spy, Julie has a “backup ending” that does not include Elena but she hopes to not use it.

“Her character was the centerpiece, the heart and soul of the series, for so long that it would feel incomplete. That being said, I could do it that way, I just would prefer not to. I do have an ending without Elena – but I hope I don’t have to use it.”

The cast members are already sharing thoughts on their ideal ending for The Vampire Diaries. Paul Wesley thinks that Stefan and Caroline will still end up tying the knot although for him, it’s nice to surprise viewers and do the unexpected.

As for Ian Somerhalder, nothing will make him happier than to restore humanity in Mystic Falls. He believes the town has suffered enough because of the supernatural characters that keep on wreaking havoc. The self-confessed “pro-human” thinks it’s only fair for Elena to wake up and be left alone by Stefan and Damon.

Elena Gilbert to come back
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For him, the Salvatore brothers can simply get rid of their rings and be gone. While his preferred conclusion is fairly reasonable, it might not sit well with fans who are still yearning for a happy ending. The Vampire Diaries’ showrunners promise to revisit “a lot of dearly departed loved ones” before the show closes its curtain.

The Vampire Diaries airs every Friday on the CW. The series is set to conclude in March next year.

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