Kim Kardashian Divorce Rumors ‘Hysterical,’ BFF Jonathan Cheban Says

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Kim Kardashian divorce rumors continue to swirl after Kanye West’s breakdown, but one source close to Kardashian has called the rumors “funny.”

According to Kim Kardashian’s longtime friend Jonathan Cheban, the rumors are “hysterical.” While talking with E! Online, Cheban asserted that the rumors were simply not true.

“I just FaceTimed with Kim and Kanye and everyone’s talking about some divorce rumors and I was laughing because I didn’t hear that all day and I guess everybody else apparently here did and it’s so funny to me because it’s so not true,” Cheban told E! Online. “I don’t know where people come up with stories but it’s literally hysterical but Jennifer Aniston has also been pregnant like 1,000 times so it’s kind of a joke.”

Cheban spoke to E! Online at the Daily Mail Holiday Party. During his brief interview, Cheban went on to say that he didn’t want to speak about Kim and Kanye too much because their marriage isn’t the business of anyone else.

“I don’t want to talk much about them because it’s not my business but I do have to say that the divorcing is kind of hysterical, that I will mention, because I just spoke to both of them on FaceTime literally before I was coming here and when I heard that I literally burst out laughing.”

Cheban’s comments come on the heels of a firestorm of Kim and Kanye divorce rumors. According to reports, Kim is ready to leave her husband of more than two years because she “feels trapped” in the marriage. Other rumors indicate that Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner, is pushing Kim to move on from her marriage with Kanye because Kris believes Kanye is “a very expensive nightmare.” That rumor turned out to be untrue.

Still, rumors indicate that Kim and Kanye are dealing with marital tension in the wake of a difficult few months.

Back in October, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in a Paris apartment while she slept. Kardashian was physically unharmed in the attack, but the robbers did make away with about $10 million worth of jewelry. Kardashian has since retreated from public life and has ceased publishing to social media.

The attack was said to have “unsettled” Kanye, who was recently admitted into a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. On November 21, Kanye was taken to the UCLA Medical Center amidst reports of dehydration and sleep deprivation. West was kept at the hospital for more than a week before he was finally released on November 30. Unconfirmed rumors have indicated that Yeezy may have been dealing with some paranoia as a result of the robbery that affected his family.

After a few months like that, no one would blame the Kardashian-West family if they wanted to stay out of the spotlight for a while. But a divorce? It’s simply out of the question, Cheban said.

Still, a second unnamed source told E! Online that Kim Kardashian is struggling to deal with the fallout of the past few months.

“It’s been a very hard couple of months,” the insider said, while a second source added “[Kim] has many things on her plate, so being overwhelmed is expected.”

What do you think of the comments made by Kim Kardashian’s close friend, Jonathan Cheban? Do you think Cheban has real insight into Kim and Kanye’s marriage, or do you think the Kim Kardashian divorce rumors are true?

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