Chrissy Metz Of ‘This Is Us’ Shares How She And Character Kate Are Different

Fans continue to swoon for actress Chrissy Metz, as they not only get to know her character Kate Pearson on This Is Us, but also get to know more about Chrissy herself. Metz has been gaining attention for her remarkable, lovable character, who is struggling with weight loss on the show. Fans see Kate bothered by how people treat her and bothered by her weight. The question is how does Chrissy deal with all those issues in her personal life?

Chrissy spoke with In Touch and shared that unlike Kate, she does not let her weight control who she is. Metz says that while she and Kate do in fact have some things in common, the way they both look at life is very different.

Chrissy said, “Kate’s self-worth is directly affected by her weight. I’m contending with obvious issues, and I want to lose weight for health purposes. I care about what people think to some extent, but I’ve kind of moved on from that.”

Chrissy’s attitude and smiling personality are why fans continue to admire and look to Metz for inspiration.

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Metz goes on in the interview to explain it’s one thing for plus-size women to look up to her as a role model, but it is amazing when she can reach women of all types. Metz shared a story about a thin woman who approached her at a restaurant gushing at how much she loved her and This Is Us. Chrissy’s story shows that it’s not about just being plus-size and relating to just women with that particular body type.

Metz said the following after concluding her story, “So it’s not about weight, age or dress size. It’s about human beings trying to connect.”

While Chrissy has faced criticism, Metz has learned to let most of it go. Chrissy understands that one answer may be right for someone while it may not be the correct choice for someone else. Metz shared how one person reached out to her on social media saying Chrissy should get gastric bypass surgery. Chrissy acknowledges that was the right choice for this particular individual.

Metz said, “But this isn’t her story. It’s mine.”

On the show, Kate is looking into having the gastric bypass surgery, but it doesn’t look like Metz will do so in real life. Chrissy has made headlines recently as fans speculate if and how Metz will lose weight alongside Kate. Originally, Metz had said losing weight was part of her contract. Chrissy later retracted that statement, saying that it is her choice if she loses weight, but that having Kate lose weight is a huge motivation for herself personally.

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Aside from all the focus on weight, Chrissy has recently divulged she has a man in her life and is in love. Unlike Kate’s relationship with Toby, Chrissy’s new relationship seems to be perfect so far. Entertainment Tonight spoke to Chrissy about her new love interest.

Metz said, “He’s not an actor, but he is a sweet treat and he’s wonderful. It’s new, but I will be kissing him under the mistletoe.”

On the show, Kate is having a rough time, facing possible heartbreak and struggling with her weight loss. In reality, Chrissy has it pretty good. Metz is admired and looked up to, and things continue to get better and better for the actress, both professionally and personally. Chrissy continues to gain fans as more people look to her and her outgoing, carefree personality.

The midseason finale of This Is Us aired Tuesday night, leaving many questions unanswered for fans. Kate is facing a lot as Toby’s life hangs in the balance and she moves forward with planning gastric bypass surgery. This Is Us will return after the holidays with all new episodes beginning January 10 on NBC.

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