Nostradamus’ 2017 Predictions Include Global War And Exclude Nibiru?

Nostradamus’ 2017 predictions include world war, economic upheaval possibly caused by China flexing its economic muscle, and other dire circumstances. According to The Express, financial upheaval, commercial space travel, and world war are alleged to be found in the predictions. The Inquisitr provided an extensive explanation of the quatrains that discuss world war in a recent story. What is lacking at present is a comparison to Nibiru, or Planet X prophesies, and how these predictions can, or cannot, be synthesized into a cohesive view of the year to come.

The questions surrounding Nibiru directly affect how one can answer them to provide a synthesis between two apocalyptic scenarios. Nostradamus’ 2017 predictions have already begun to be fulfilled, as the Inquisitr explains. They points out that experts are convinced the election of Donald Trump was among the correct predictions. Throughout the quatrains, experts note name connections as points of reference for historical figures, such as “Hister” as a representation for Hitler, or now “Trumpet” as a point of reference for Trump.

Nostradamus’ predictions often rely on cardinal directions on the map, as well as astrological signs as reference points. It is important to remember that Nostradamus used a divination technique that turned the surface of water in a bowl into a three dimensional image, according to those who use the technique. It then stands to reason that his quatrains are not constrained to a two dimensional view of a map, but are a three dimensional view of a scene, which would add the depth of the sky into his predictions. It is also important to remember that Nostradamus was deeply influenced by astrology, and thus relied on the sky as a source of divination as well.

Nostradamus 2017 predictions include the grim prospect of war
Nostradamus 2017 predictions include the grim prospect of war. [Image by John Moore/Getty Images]

So we know that Nostradamus experts alleged his predictions on the election of Trump, and we know that Nostradamus’ predictions allegedly state that Trump will start the next war. That allegation is a severe one with extreme consequences in the nuclear age. But, what if that quatrain relates only to a regional conflict.

Quatrain 57 specifically mentions broken agreements and war, but says the victim’s face will “be annointed with milk and honey.” Biblical scholars could easily spot the reference to the Middle East. But, the reference could imply a land with a bounty of resources, and could just as easily refer to some other location. The lack of cardinal or astrological references makes the conclusion on these predictions difficult to decipher.

However, this quatrain does not exclude a far more significant event and could even be a precursor to a larger set of more terrifying predictions. If Nostradamus’ 2017 predictions are viewed in three dimensions, another quatrain could point to Nibiru in the 2017 predictions. In Century I, Quatrain 28, Nostradamus could be pointing to the arrival of Nibiru from a reference point in the Middle East.

Tobruk will fear the barbarian fleet for a time,
then much later the Western fleet.
Cattle, people, possessions, all will be quite lost.
What a deadly combat in Taurus and Libra.

Tobruk is a city on the North Coast of Libya. It features as the point of reference for this quatrain’s beginning. And, if Nostradamus were writing from a divination in three dimensions, could easily fill in the blanks about Nibiru, if taken in context with the allegedly fulfilled Trump prophecy.