WWE Rumors: Rusev’s Wife Lana To Take Part In NXT Singles Matches This Weekend?

WWE’s Lana is one of the sexiest women in wrestling and up to this point, she’s only served as a manager to her real-life husband, Rusev. That could all be changing in the future as Lana announced via social media that she will be participating in singles matches at live NXT shows in St. Petersburg, FL and Winter Haven, FL the next two nights.

According to SB Nation‘s Cageside Seats, this isn’t a sign that Lana is going to be pushed as a singles competitor in the women’s division, but more for her “to work on fundamentals for occasional spots and bumps.”

In addition to getting some in-ring experience, Lana was a part of the most talked about segment from WWE Monday Night Raw this past week. WWE decided to make a surprising return to the type of segment that became so prominent during The Attitude Era. For weeks, Lana has flirted with Enzo Amore in front of her husband, Rusev, who obviously isn’t happy about it.

This week, Raw took it to another level as Enzo and Big Cass overheard Rusev talking down to Lana which led Enzo to tell Cass that he had to tell Rusev that he shouldn’t talk to a woman like that. Cass advises him that it’s none of their business, but Amore doesn’t listen and gets involved which sends Rusev off in a rage.

Enzo then uses the one-on-one time with Lana to tell her that he’s a good listener and he’s there if she needs to talk. Lana tells Amore that Rusev says that he loves her and tells her she’s beautiful, but she just doesn’t know if he’s being truthful. Lana then decides to invite Enzo to her hotel room which surprises and excites Amore.

After Cass had tried to talk him out of going, Enzo received a picture from Lana in a text which sent him off running. Immediately after Amore took off, Rusev walked up to Cass and asked what happened to his wife. After a brief discussion between the two large behemoths, Rusev challenges Cass to a match.

A little later, Enzo Amore gets on the phone with his Uber driver who’s lost which puts him in a bind. About that time, Ric Flair pulls up in a limo for a segment with his daughter Charlotte that’s to take place later in the night, and Enzo explains his situation to Flair. Ric then allows Amore to use his limo to take him to Lana’s hotel.

What a Victory we had last night !!!! #BAB #BeautyandBrute our brilliant plans always work ! But most importantly I hope that children learn.... For boys to respect girls.... To not tell dirty jokes about women or you will be simply CRUSHED by great men like @RusevIG ????????????❤️ But also it's so important for all females, young and old to respect yourself and stand up when called names or when dirty jokes are thrown your way... Because it's not funny and it's not cool to be slut shamed or to be the joke so a man can get over with his boys. Sometimes standing up for yourself & others will make you less popular but it's more important to stand up for truth, justice and do the right thing than trying to be popular, cool & funny like Enzo. ~ #RavishingRussian ???? #Raw

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Cass came out to the ring for his match with Rusev only to realize after the Bulgarian’s played longer than normal that his buddy Enzo was being set up. Big Cass then used the timekeeper’s phone to call Enzo, but Amore ignored the phone call as he approached Lana’s room.

The cameras then cut to the hallway outside Lana’s hotel room as Enzo has second thoughts about what he’s about to do. Right as he convinces himself that it’s wrong, Lana opens the door wearing a silk robe and lingerie and invites Amore into the room.

Once inside the room, Enzo realizes that he’s alone with a married woman and tries to walk out, but Lana begins to take off her lingerie and tells Amore to remove his pants. While Enzo is standing there in his boxers, Lana says something in Russian, and when he asks her what she said, she says “You’re a fool.”

Rusev then appears, and Enzo tries once again to leave, but Rusev is clearly angered by the flirting going on between Amore and his wife, so he beats him up pretty good until Enzo lays on the ground motionless. Rusev then drags his body out into the hallway as Lana hangs a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the knob to their hotel room and the married couple head back inside.

It was clear that WWE was trying to attempt a bit of PG-13 action to see if it had any affect on ratings. Unfortunately, ratings dropped 4 percent from the previous week to 2,976,000 million viewers. It’s unclear whether the company will continue to push the PG-13 lines or revert to the PG storylines that we’ve seen over the last decade or so.

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