Meri Brown Of ‘Sister Wives’ Starts New Business Selling Clothing

The Brown family of Sister Wives do make a living from their reality show, but they also have other jobs. Viewers have seen them try different things over the years and now it looks like Meri Brown has finally found something for herself that she is passionate about doing. Meri has been going to her Instagram page that she recently started and sharing all about her new venture, which is selling clothing online and in pop-up parties.

Just yesterday, Meri shared a photo of herself wearing some of the new clothing along with the caption “One of the many ways that #LuLaRoe blesses my life, is when I’ve been so crazy busy and haven’t had time to do laundry, I can raid my #LuLaInventory and Boom! Brand new outfit!???????????? #LuLaRoeIrma #LuLaRoeJoy #LuLaRoeLeggings #LuLaHappiness.” As you can tell Meri Brown is selling the very popular clothing line LuLaRoe. Their clothes are very popular and include shirts, leggings, and dresses that are comfortable. Meri has been posting pictures of herself and other members of the family in the clothing. Her very first post was nine weeks ago, so this was about the time that Meri started the business.

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Meri Brown also has a Facebook group going where she sells the clothing and even talks to fans. She has done live parties on here and talks about events where she will be set up. Meri has been going places and setting up pop-up parties to sell her items. It appears that Meri has been posting a bit too much lately because she has been blocked recently from posting in Facebook groups, but this is usually just temporary, and she should be back soon.

Four weeks ago Meri Brown shared about a pop-up party. She said, “Hello hello Salem Oregon! Are you ready for a pop-up party? Because I am!???????? Join us tonight at Best Western Mill Creek(by Costco) from 6-8 pm. Good times!” It looks like if you want to meet Meri Brown heading out to buy a pair of leggings from her might be a great way to do it.

Right now, it appears that Meri Brown is the only one of the wives that is involved in selling the LuLaRoe clothing. She has done businesses with the family before such as their website My SisterWife’s Closet. This site seems to be still going strong, and they have several items on sale plus have been adding new stuff as well recently. There is no mention of Meri Brown’s new business on the site.

The viewers would love to hear more about what made Meri Brown decide to start selling LuLaRoe and how it is going for her. If you follow her pages, you can learn a bit more and hopefully, she will end up sharing some of it on their show. The episodes of Sister Wives that are airing now were actually filmed a while back before Meri had started this new venture.

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There have been a few rumors here and there that Meri Brown has plans to leave the family and move on. Starting her own business would make this easier on her, but it could also just simply be Meri giving herself something to do now that she has an empty nest. Her daughter has moved off to college, and on the show, it was revealed that Meri wasn’t even having Kody spend a night at her house anymore.

Are you surprised to hear that Meri Brown is now selling LuLaRoe clothing? Do you think that this was the right decision for her to make? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sundays on TLC.

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