Kylie Jenner Transformed Herself After World Branded Her ‘Ugly,’ Says Keke Palmer

Kylie Jenner today, with her famously full lips, is almost unrecognizable compared to photos of her as a little girl. And there’s a reason for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s dramatic transformation, says Keke Palmer. The Scream Queens actress feels that Kylie transformed herself when the world branded her as “ugly,” and Palmer blames bullying for the pressure that Jenner allegedly felt to change her face and body.

Kylie has been teased for her looks for years, particularly recently, with terms such as “fake” and “plastic” bandied about along with allegations of more plastic surgery than Kim Kardashian, pointed out Oxygen.

Jenner finally confessed that she did have lip fillers, creating her own cosmetic queen empire with her kip kit creations. However, is Kylie done with getting her own body and face tweaked, amid the ongoing teasing and taunting, or will she be pushed to have even more done because of bullying?

Kylie Jenner "fixed" herself after being bullied, says Keke Palmer.
Kylie Jenner "fixed" herself after being bullied, says Keke Palmer. [Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week: The Shows]

Turning to Instagram, Keke Palmer challenged the standards to which women are held, using Jenner as an example by contrasting before and after photos, along with comments.

“We don’t think that this young woman deserves the attention she receives because of the message it sends but we don’t even think about the fact that for years the whole world damn near agreed that she was ugly,” wrote Palmer.

Keke pointed out that the bullying began when the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was just a “child,” noting that the attacks were on the young girl, not the reality TV character.

“A CHILD, that girl was a child and she was bullied and named ugly and not as a character but as HERSELF.”

The actress also noted that while some who are bullied about their appearance lack the money to make changes, Jenner did have the money and took the steps to change herself. But then she got taunted for that transformation.

“Unlike some that experience such ridicule she had the $$$ to change, she “fixed” what the world said was broken and it worked! Now you are mad that it was that easy?” demanded Keke.

While the Scream Queens star previously has tackled topics such as politics and mental health, her Instagram rant about Jenner is earning attention for the message it sends about “our society’s preoccupation with appearances and our altered perception of reality,” noted Teen Vogue.

In the side by side photos on her Instagram post, Keke shared text that makes the point that although Jenner has dramatically transformed how she looks, Kylie can’t seem to escape criticism.

“Kylie’s so ugly! Why can’t she just grow up?” reads the text for the 2012 picture of Jenner.

“Ew, Kylie’s so fake! What happened to her?” challenges the text for the 2016 photo of Kylie.

Kylie Jenner has been attacked by some fans as looking "fake" and "plastic."
Kylie Jenner has been attacked by some fans as looking "fake" and "plastic." [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Harper's Bazaar]

And Palmer makes the point that society seems to want to have it both ways, with celebrities expected to maintain a natural appearance while looking perfect. But she also offers a solution.

“If only we could accept one another instead of bullying each other into change.”

The actress urges the world to “let our differences TEACH us something new” rather than aiming for a world where everyone looks and acts the same.

“We wouldn’t be so confused or misunderstanding all of these mixed messages that ultimately tell us to trade attention for respect and love for possession,” she pointed out. “WE DIFFERENT FOR A REASON.”

As far as Kylie is concerned, however, she’s keeping right on with her growing empire of cosmetics. Jenner is unveiling her very own pop-up shop merchandise, noted On Air With Ryan Seacrest, pointing out how influential she has become.

“2016 is the year of just realizing stuff… and dressing like Kylie Jenner.”

Turning to social media, Jenner hyped her first pop-up shop. The store opens on December 9 at the Westfield Topanga mall in Canoga Park, California.

And it’s not just cosmetics. Complementing her popular Kylie Cosmetics line, Jenner will offer branded hats, a bomber jacket, sweatshirts, underwear, sports bra, socks, and pins, along with a t-shirt honoring her viral “Like, Realizing Stuff” video.

On December 10, Kylie’s merchandise will also be available online at

[Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Harper’s Bazaar]