Jenelle Evans Custody Battle: Is ‘Teen Mom’ Star Keeping Kaiser From Nathan Griffith?

Jenelle Evans is very quick to fall in love and settle down when she meets a new man. Many Teen Mom fans were asking her to slow down and stay in a relationship for at least a couple of years before making a big decision, such as getting married and having more children. But it didn’t take long for Nathan and Jenelle to get pregnant, and within nine months, they welcomed a little baby boy. And before he turned one, they were already bickering and dealing with cheating accusations. These days, she’s pregnant with her third child, and she’s caught up in a custody battle.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now defending her decisions in regards to Kaiser, and she reveals that there are plenty of things happening behind closed doors. Since Kaiser is living with Evans, she’s responsible for getting him to daycare on time and taking care of him on a daily basis. But many people feel that Evans is actually keeping Kaiser from Nathan, even though the courts have been involved with who is spending time with him.

“So Jenelle is going to go to court and say what? “Please give me Kaiser all the time so he can be in daycare even more?” Hopefully, Nate will get his shit together one day,” one person wrote after learning that Nathan Griffith wants to see his son, Kaiser.

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“Nathan actually is fighting to see Kai. He hasn’t seen him b/c JE is violating the court order,” one person wrote in defense of Nathan, sharing that Jenelle Evans was indeed the person keeping Kaiser from his father, but she doesn’t want people to think that she’s keeping her son from his father.

While Jenelle Evans doesn’t like to comment on these things anymore, she doesn’t want to be accused of keeping Kaiser from his father. When one person pointed out that Nathan is fighting to see his son, Evans decided to get involved, saying that things are not like that at all. In fact, a lot more is going on than what people are being told through the media.

“If you only knew the real reason… it’s a lot more than it looks. Of course he’s going to tell you what he wants,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter, sharing that she and Nathan are going some things that could influence how the custody battle is playing out.

Griffith himself hasn’t said much about the custody battle, so maybe he doesn’t want the public or the media to know what’s going on. When he was filming Teen Mom, he was working out quite a bit, and he was always frustrated with Evans. Jenelle had also caught him cheating, and he could only laugh about it. But some people believe that Jenelle Evans is indeed the evil one in their relationship, and she will do anything to keep Kaiser from him to hurt him.

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“No dear, that’s the truth. Nate is fighting to see Kai & you’re violating the custody,” one person replied to Evans, while others added, “You don’t need to explain 2 anyone why u want 2 keep ur son safe. We’ve seen what a tool he is & his son comes last!” and “If he’s so ‘innocent’ why do you have custody? He’s 100% unstable & the judge saw that! Nathan is an idiot!”

It will be interesting to see what happens going forward, especially since Jenelle is pregnant with her third child and will be welcoming a daughter into her world in 2017.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ tweet about the custody battle? Do you think she’s keeping her son from his father?

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