Catelynn Baltierra On ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion: ‘We Are Responsible’ For The Children

Catelynn Baltierra wasn’t really involved with the drama that plagued the Teen Mom OG reunion special earlier this week. Farrah Abraham was talking with Dr. Drew when he asked her about the tension with the other ladies. Farrah immediately started talking about her relationship with Amber Portwood and about how they used to be friends. Now they are no longer friends, and Amber rushed the stage to prove a point. Abraham couldn’t keep using rude names to describe her co-stars, and Amber didn’t want MTV to continue giving her a platform for bullying. And while Catelynn wasn’t involved, she did decide to walk off the stage alongside Maci Bookout and Amber during the final interview.

According to a new Real Mr. Housewife report, Catelynn Baltierra is now breaking her silence about what happened backstage. Apparently, Abraham had brought little Sophia to sit backstage and watch the reunion special. Simon Saran told Hollywood Life that Sophia was the only child backstage and that the other Teen Mom stars had made other arrangements. Simon downright made it sound like they were horrible mothers for not having their children present, saying, “none of the other moms had their kids backstage.”

Now, Catelynn Baltierra is revealing that the reason why Nova wasn’t backstage was because Catelynn and Tyler didn’t want her to see what was happening on the show. But Abraham and Simon made it seem like they didn’t care because they didn’t bring their children. The show is about teenage mothers and their journeys, and Farrah may feel that the children play an important role in this journey. Baltierra, on the other hand, might want to protect her daughter.

“We are responsible and know that our children don’t need to see adult content, so we were smart enough to have our kids somewhere else at the time because we care about the well being of our children,” Catelynn Baltierra explained in regard to her daughter not watching the reunion special from backstage.

After Baltierra, Maci, and Amber had been accused of not caring for their children, Catelynn decided to talk about why they decided to remove their children from the reunion show. In the past, the children have always come out at the end of the show to say hi to the audience, but it sounds like the girls knew that the atmosphere was different this year as there had been plenty of Twitter fights happening.

“It had nothing to do with not caring for our children,” Catelynn Baltierra continued, adding, “In fact, it’s the complete opposite. We cared enough for our children to ensure they weren’t around things they don’t need to see and hear as children.”

Plus, the ladies did make a statement when they walked off the stage, and they didn’t want to be subjected to the horrible treatment from their co-star. In addition, they didn’t want their children to be involved in anything that could remotely affect them, including being linked to someone like Farrah Abraham, who shows little respect for the other ladies.

“I can assure you that Maci, Amber, and myself are all great mothers who are beyond dedicated to our children,” Catelynn revealed about her Teen Mom OG co-stars, adding, “Farrah, on the other hand, must not have cared, because if you did you wouldn’t be letting your child watch backstage!”

Farrah herself hasn’t really said anything about bringing Sophia to the reunion special or defended the comments that she’s a bad mother. But it sounds like this won’t be the last time this reunion special will be discussed between the ladies.

What do you think of Catelynn Baltierra’s comments about not bringing the children to the reunion special?

[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for VH1]