WWE News: NXT Superstar ‘The Perfect 10’ Tye Dillinger To Get WWE Intercontinental Title Shot Against The Miz?

If there was ever an NXT Superstar worthy of being given more by WWE, it is the man known as “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger. For those unaware, Dillinger spent time with WWE previously under another name, Gavin Spears. This was done the better part of a decade ago when he came out of OVW and went to the ECW brand. He was calling himself “The Crown Jewel” of the new Superstar initiative that GM Teddy Long instituted at the time.

Sadly, Spears could not get over with the crowd despite his major abilities in the ring as a technician. He was never seen as a bad wrestler or performer, but he just could not land with the crowd, and a lot was missing. WWE would release him, and it took him years to get a chance at WWE again. By this time, he figured out how to work well with crowds having spent time on the independent circuit.

He was always good in the ring, so combining personality and connection with the crowd to this could only be good for the guy. Now at 35 years old, this is his last shot to see what he can do with WWE. Luckily he has gotten over well with the crowd due to his amazing in-ring skill and Perfect 10 gimmick. It seems that this has led to speculation that he’ll eventually see the main roster.

Tye 10
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Both Tye Dillinger and WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz have been going at it on Twitter as of late. He said initially that The Miz needed to be slapped in the mouth. Miz would then counter by saying “We have a much harder ranking system in Hollywood. For instance, an Orlando 10 is an LA 5…Just like @WWENXT 10 is 5. .”

Tye Dillinger did not let this sit, as he responded beautifully to the recent tweet by The Miz saying, “behind the bright lights of Tinseltown hides a boy from the real world..Don’t worry Mizzy, if the opportunity arises, I’ll make it quick.” Miz would react back saying “Does stand for the 10 years you’ve been in developmental? I mean, how long do I have to wait?”

This is becoming interesting to many. The reason is that The Miz does not have anyone totally ready to go after his WWE Intercontinental Title. While Dean Ambrose is the logical choice to immediately go after him, the thought among most is that Ambrose will be going a different direction than title matches at WrestleMania 33. The rumor is even that he could wrestle WWE SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon.

This leaves the door wide open for Tye Dillinger to jump into the title scene, especially with fans backing him right now. Miz would mess with Tye a bit longer, mostly poking fun at him being in NXT, saying…”Does stand for the 10 years you’ve been in developmental? I mean, how long do I have to wait?” Dillinger would poke fun right back The Miz, saying “you don’t. A simple invite from an IC champ with a set of balls is all that’s required…so actually, looks like I’ll be the one waiting.”

Miz Maryse
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Tye Dillinger just called The Miz’s bluff publicly for the world to see. He put the ball in Miz’s court and said for him to put up or shut up. Miz did have a smart counter, luckily. He would say “I’ve defended the IC Title 3 times against top talent in 2 weeks u should talk to @WWEDanielBryan he likes giving undeserving talent shot.”

Miz put the pressure on Daniel Bryan, who kayfabe wise does have control in this area. Like Tye Dillinger, Bryan knows what it is like to be over with the crowd yet not get opportunities you deserve. Tye’s ten gimmick has become so popular that it has moved past WWE NXT and hit the main roster. The man’s stock has continued to rise, and there would be no better place than SmackDown Live for him to head to.

It is perfect for Tye Dillinger as it focuses on the wrestling side more than anything else. However, Dillinger is a great on the mic and in performance as well. He could truly shine on SmackDown Live. If he got a title shot against The Miz, fans would absolutely love what he could bring to the table, and WWE would be smart to use him there. On NXT, they are flirting with a main event level push for him but cannot due to present stories. So a push to the main roster may be needed anyway.

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