Megyn Kelly Leaves ‘Fox’ Over Contract Renewal Terms, Issues With Roger Ailes [Debunked]

Is Megyn Kelly leaving Fox News? Rumors point to the definite possibility, as the noted liberal reporter started out her book tour publicly addressing an old feud with boss Roger Ailes and potentially starting another one with fellow anchor Bill O’Reilly.

Ten years ago, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, Megyn alleges that Roger had tried to make sexual advances toward her. When she declined, he had allegedly asked when her contract was up.

Ms. Kelly’s contract is almost up now, and she has enjoyed more success than most reporters. She broke free of the ranks of her peers when she took on the monumental task of interviewing then-Presidential hopeful Donald Trump. The interview had sparked an endless controversy, which threatened to burn down Trump’s chances for election when another news site had released an audio clip of Donald engaged in “locker room talk.”

Between Trump’s dismissal of Megyn Kelly as a “lightweight … bleeding from her wherever,” and his words about ten years ago in which he said he kisses women and grabs them … down there, it’s easy for opponents to label him as a misogynist.

The Fox News reporter has enjoyed the fame from Trump’s reaction to her interview, having branched off into her own talk show, The Kelly File.

Megyn Kelly hosts 'The Kelly File' on 'Fox'
Megyn Kelly hosts 'The Kelly File' on 'Fox' [Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]Featured image credit: Mark WilsonGetty Images

In a way, this mirrors Taylor Swift’s rise to greater fame after Kanye West’s VMA moment where he stole the microphone from her to tell the audience that Beyonce’s video was better. Swift has since become an unstoppable juggernaut, her influence only growing as she branched off into mainstream pop with 1989.

The rumor that Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox gained traction when it was revealed that she could demand up to $20 million to stay with the network. If they don’t agree to it, she might move on to other major news sources. She is almost Robert Downey, Jr. level famous for her Donald Trump interview, and she knows she has an audience now.

The Kelly File has a good 2.7 million viewers on average, giving her a very sizable solo audience, which tunes in regularly for the latest scoop on her point of view. Of course, Cinema Blend states that she doesn’t have quite the viewership of fellow Fox News reporter Bill O’Reilly, who averages an easy 3 million on the Fox network.

News host Megyn Kelly has addressed the rumors, which seem to be gaining traction thanks to questionable sources which won’t be named here. She says that “many reporters are writing articles about me and my future at Fox.” She told us not to believe any of it unless it comes from her.

Bill O’Reilly came into the whole mess when he objected to Kelly’s words against Fox boss Ailes.

O’Reilly had told Megyn not to say anything negative about Roger Ailes or Fox, claiming that she needs to stay loyal to the network. He added that if she doesn’t like it there, she should leave and then say what she wants.

Bill O'Reilly talks with Megyn Kelly over 'Fox' loyalty.
Bill O'Reilly talks with Megyn Kelly over 'Fox' loyalty. [Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images]Featured image credit: Ilya S. SavenokGetty Images

Apparently, Megyn doesn’t have enough of a problem with Roger Ailes or Bill O’Reilly to leave them behind on an official note, despite mentioning both of them in her book tour interviews.

Could this whole rumor have been started in order to give Megyn Kelly more notoriety in light of her book tour interviews? It’s doubtful that she willingly allowed the rumors to spread, as she has gone public in saying they are not true.

The truth is that negotiations are still up in the air, and Megyn Kelly isn’t leaving Fox until she says she is. Don’t believe the fake news sources.

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