‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn’s Offer To Steffy Wreaks Havoc As Ridge And Liam Explode [Updated]

There is more family drama on the way during Friday’s episode of Bold and Beautiful, spoilers tease. Quinn has offered Steffy the opportunity to become CEO of Forrester Creations and both Liam and Ridge are unhappy with the news. Wyatt is thrilled, naturally, and Eric is in full agreement with his wife’s plans, and the December 9 show will continue to have tempers flaring on multiple fronts over this move.

Liam is livid over the idea that Steffy is considering the idea of accepting Quinn’s offer. He is certain that this is another scheme to manipulate her estranged daughter-in-law and push her back into Wyatt’s arms. He has been adamant that Steffy needs to decline the job offer, but she is frustrated that he seems to think she is too gullible and naive to see her estranged mother-in-law for who she is. Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that she will take a bit of time to consider her answer and she will receive additional pushback during Friday’s show.

Quinn has expressly stated that she believes that Steffy is the right person at the right time for the CEO position at Forrester Creations, but she is also motivated by the idea that this could push her estranged daughter-in-law back to Wyatt. She encouraged her son not to give up on his wife, reassuring him that his marriage still has a chance to be repaired. Liam and Wyatt faced off during Thursday’s show and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that Friday brings intense moments between Liam and Quinn once again.

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Liam will make it clear what he thinks of Quinn’s plan with the CEO position, as Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that he’ll talk about how proud he is of Steffy and how much he agrees that she deserves the job. At the same time, he knows that Quinn is behind the offer and he sees huge red flags attached. She may share plenty of sweet sentients about how she thinks this is the best move for the company, but she’s not going to be able to convince everybody that she’s sincere.

Ridge learned of the job offer from Eric, and he was completely blindsided by the news. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps detailed that Ridge would turn to Steffy, trying to get her on his side, and she became quite frustrated with her father for also seemingly believing that she was naive and incapable of handling the situation.

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Ridge and Liam will connect with Steffy together during Friday’s show, as Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that they will insist that taking the CEO position is a bad idea and she will be putting herself in a position to be hurt and manipulated. In addition, Soap Central shares that Maya will face off with Quinn over all of this Forrester drama and Katie will pay Eric another visit.

Where will things stand once the dust settles on this controversial job offer? According to TV Insider, Steffy will accept the CEO position during the December 15 show, despite Liam’s concerns. Quinn will put Wyatt in the position of heading up press relations, ensuring that he’ll be working closely with his estranged wife, and Ridge and Rick will be co-vice presidents, a move that will most certainly ruffle their feathers.

Will Quinn’s plan to push Wyatt and Steffy back together again be successful? Will Ridge’s anger over the Forrester Creations drama cause issues in his renewed relationship with Brooke? Could something more than friendship develop between Eric and Katie? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint at juicy moments ahead that fans won’t want to miss as all of this chaos continues.

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