‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Inside The Theory About Meredith Grey That Will Break Your Heart

The doctors on Grey’s Anatomy have the worst luck. Whether it’s being electrocuted, caught in a plane crash, or getting hit by a semi-truck, Shonda Rhimes doesn’t hold back when it comes to personal tragedies. With Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy at the halfway mark, does Rhimes have something awful planned for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo)?

Entertainment Weekly reports that fans have long theorized that Meredith actually has Alzheimer’s disease. Symptoms of the disease are typically slow developing and progressively worsen. Eventually, things get so severe that people can’t perform simple daily tasks.

To add credence to the theory, Meredith’s mother, Ellis Grey (Kate Burton), suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and died back in Season 3. Meredith has undergone multiple tests and Season 9 revealed that she has genetic markers for the disease.

Alzheimer’s disease was even featured in Grey’s Anatomy’s pilot. The installment opened with Meredith narrating stories to her mother, who was living at a facility. Is it possible that the entire series is being told through Meredith’s perspective to her future children?

Meredith Grey tortured
Meredith Grey tortured

The idea that Meredith might have Alzheimer’s disease is a heartbreaking thought. It’s also the character’s biggest fear and could mean that some of the tragedies we’ve seen unfold were part of Meredith’s growing dementia.

According to Glamour, this opens the possibility that some of the show’s worst tragedies never actually happened. This would help explain why bad things always happen to Meredith’s closest friends and lovers. Of course, we probably won’t know the truth until Grey’s Anatomy final season, and there’s no telling when that will be.

In the current season, Meredith is still working through her problems with Alex (Justin Chambers), who decided to take a plea bargain in the winter finale. Is there still hope that Alex and Meredith will get together this season?

Cosmopolitan is reporting that Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex definitely love each other, but whether or not they are in love is another question. So far, the show has not offered any convincing evidence to prove that Jo wants Alex back. Furthermore, the pair did not get back together by the end of the winter finale, opening the door for Meredith and Alex to take their friendship to the next level.

Indeed, Alex has been living with Meredith and spending more time with her kids. Is this a sign that Alex and Meredith will start something romantic in the near future?

The most convincing piece of evidence for Merlex shippers came when she left him a heartfelt voicemail. Meredith normally doesn’t share her feelings with anyone, so fans were surprised when she called Alex and said, “There were five of us, and now it’s just you and I. And it can’t be just me. It can’t be.”

Grey's Anatomy Alex and Meredith

According to Us Magazine, Meredith is also worried that Alex will be destroyed after taking the plea. After Alex told Meredith about his decision to accept the bargain, she assured him that everything would be fine on her end.

“Stop making this about me,” she told Alex. “Of course I’ll be fine. I’m always fine — don’t you know that? This is about you. You’ll be destroyed.”

Sadly, we won’t know what happens to Alex until Grey’s Anatomy returns after the winter break. Whatever ends up happening, fans are definitely going to go crazy if Meredith and Alex get together his season. If fact, many fans have already taken to social media to express their hopes that Merlex becomes a reality.

“Meredith and Alex are gonna be the most glorious ship ever in a couple of years mark my words,” one fan wrote.

Grey’s Anatomy is expected to return to ABC on January 19.

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