‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Dylan And Sharon Struggle, Lauren Battles, And Devon Has A Plan Regarding The ‘GC Buzz’ [Updated]

Shake-ups are on the way with Friday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, spoilers detail. Lauren is worried about the state of Fenmore’s while Cane is struggling in his recovery. Sharon and Dylan are heartbroken over losing their battle for visitation with Christian and Chelsea has a big event coming up for her fashion line. Where are things headed next?

Lauren is worried about the sales figures at Fenmore’s, but she is trying to hide her concerns from Michael. The Young and the Restless spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that she will head to Chelsea’s studio and propose that Fenmore’s become the exclusive carrier of the new line. She pitches her idea, and Chelsea says she’ll consider it, but she doesn’t make a commitment.

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Sharon and Dylan will confront Mariah over the manipulated interview that aired on the GC Buzz, and Young and Restless spoilers note that Mariah will explain what Hilary did. She adds that she quit her job over the incident and after Dylan leaves she’ll reiterate her support for her mother, believing that everything she did was out of love.

Chloe and Chelsea will be reconnecting in their friendship a bit as they prepare for the upcoming fashion show and they’ll talk about Sharon and the exposure they’ve gotten via the GC Buzz. The Young and the Restless spoilers share that Sharon will arrive and ask if she still has a job and Chelsea will put her to work.

Viewers will see Hilary and Devon sharing some steamy moments in their suite, but Young and Restless spoilers reveal that things get a bit awkward when she starts getting ready for work and he reminds her that he fired her. She finds it hard to believe that he’s following through with this and tells him that she’ll be hard to replace.

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Cane will do a session with his physiotherapist, but Young and Restless spoilers reveal that things will be a bit awkward when Lily meets the therapist and realizes that Jessie is a female. Jessie asks him about his pain pills and cautions him about getting hooked and he’ll toss them away. However, after a difficult session, he’ll take a look at the pills in the garbage after Jessie leaves.

We Love Soaps shares that Dylan will open up to Paul about how he’s feeling after the judge’s decision regarding Christian, and he will reconsider decisions he’s made and think about how things could have been a bit dirty in this battle. He initially says little to Paul, but Young and Restless spoilers indicate that he will admit to feeling left out, but he says that Paul shouldn’t worry about his PTSD as he still has his job and his wife.

Michael will arrive to talk to Dylan and Dylan will wonder whether Victor might have paid off the judge in the case and he will mention how Nick should have asked about Christian’s allergies. However, Michael will note that Dylan wouldn’t have pushed things too far in trying to make Nick look like a bad father. Dylan has said he is determined to stay by Sharon’s side at this point, but Steve Burton is leaving the role soon and viewers wonder just what comes next for the character.

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Devon will head to the ranch and ask Mariah to return to the GC Buzz. Mariah is hesitant and calls Hilary a human wood chipper and Devon explains that he fired his wife and wants Mariah to become the new host. While she questions his motivations, he pleads with her and asks her to do it as they need someone to cover Chelsea’s event.

Mariah will agree to the new gig and Hilary will show up at the GC Buzz and see Devon coaching his new host. The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Hilary will be fighting in the episodes ahead to ensure that things do not go smoothly at the show without her.

What kind of trouble is ahead for Lily and Cane in the wake of his recovery struggles? What comes next for Dylan and Sharon after their loss to Nick regarding visitation? The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that things will be getting wild in the episodes ahead, and fans won’t want to miss where things head next.

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