‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Mystery Of Charlotte Continues — Is Lulu Really Her Mother, Or Is There A Twist Coming?

There is a mystery brewing on General Hospital that has viewers trying their best to figure it all out. Poor Charlotte Cassadine has been shuffled around so many times that it would definitely make any ordinary child scared out of their wits by now. But this little girl seems to be living up to her Cassadine name. Now that the cat is out of the bag that Valentin is her real father, the question remains as to who her real mother is.

This week on General Hospital, Lulu Falconeri finally met Charlotte while the girl was sitting on Santa’s lap. This was right after the blonde cutie told Santa, aka Kevin Collins, that she wanted her mommy for Christmas. Lulu was instantly taken with her and felt a connection right away. Now, she is on a mission to find out who Charlotte’s mother really is. According to spoilers by Soap Hub, Lulu has enlisted best friend Maxie Jones to go the extra mile to dig up some information.

Things are not expected to go as planned, and Lulu will end up going to Valentin herself to try to get some answers. Will he tell her the truth? Of course, this guy loves to give out teasers, so he will most likely just leave her with a few tidbits of information so she can figure it all out herself. It looks like Lulu really is her mother, or there could very well be some kind of twist involved in this storyline.

There have been many clues given by both Valentin and the late Helena Cassadine. She gave a riddle to Lulu for her to figure out before she supposedly died. Helena seemed to insinuate that she got what she wanted, which was a grandchild thanks to Stavros and Lulu’s embryo. There is definitely a connection between the Cassadine and the Spencer families as Valentin told Laura. He said that they will always be connected, and that could mean through Lulu’s daughter Charlotte.

Lulu has been looking for her missing embryo for so long now that General Hospital viewers are getting very anxious to see this all play out. It looks like the rumors of Charlotte being her daughter is supposedly coming true. However, Dante did remind her that Valentin is the girl’s father, not Stavros. So, how would she be Lulu’s daughter if Valentin is really her daddy?

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There are many different scenarios that could happen in this storyline. Speculations are swirling that Valentin is actually Stavros. Fans know how the Cassadine family loves to freeze people and change their looks entirely. Many are pleading for the writers to not go there this time as they are really warming up to the mysterious and charming character of Valentin.

Future spoilers that have been posted by SheKnows Soaps say that Lulu will finally get the truth out of Valentin, and she will file papers to get custody of Charlotte. If this is true, then maybe General Hospital viewers will finally find out if Valentin is who he says he is or if he is someone else entirely different.

Many months ago, there was also the rumor that a little girl named Athena was expected to appear on the soap and be played by young actress Jazmyn Skye Vale, but that seems to have been scrapped or put on hold for now. The writers at General Hospital could possibly have changed their strategy and decided that Charlotte would take her place instead.

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Athena was supposed to make her debut sometime in July but never did. She was rumored to either be Lulu’s long-lost daughter or maybe Jason Morgan’s daughter. She may have even been Jake Webber’s playmate while he was with Helena on Cassadine Island. Of course, that storyline seems to have been lost as well. But then again, that could come to pass eventually, as the story of Lulu’s daughter has been a long time coming as well.

Have you solved the mystery of Charlotte’s mother and father yet? Stay tuned to General Hospital to hopefully have this puzzle solved soon.

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