‘Merry Ex-Mas’: TV One Movie–Conniving Baby Mama Set To Ruin Ex’s Christmas Wedding, Starring Angell Conwell, London Brown

Merry Ex-Mas is a sassy new original movie slated to air on TV One this weekend. Always bringing the best in black entertainment, this Christmas movie is a must-see. The TV One movie about a single dad who finds love after his daughter’s Christmas wish comes true was directed by Kenny Young and written by Grits Carter. Merry Ex-Mas has an amazing cast, starring London Brown, Angell Conwell, Maci Wilson, and Faune Chambers Watkins.

Movie Synopsis: Merry Ex- Mas On TV One

A life-long ADD sufferer, single dad DeMarco has had a rough time in life. His only shining light is his beautiful daughter, Tiffany. Tiffany loves her father and wants to see him happy. She gets the chance to make that possible when she makes a Christmas wish after giving a donation.

To her surprise, her wish comes true. DeMarco has met a gorgeous woman named Katrina, and he believes that it’s love at first sight. Now that he’s been bitten by the love bug again, he has a new pep in his step and a new lease on life.

As the blossoming relationship grows and Katrina gets closer to both DeMarco and Tiffany, DeMarco’s ex-girlfriend Vilisa learns that her ex may be getting married. Horrified that he has finally moved on, Vilisa re-sets her sights on DeMarco so that she can sabotage the upcoming nuptials.

This normally-mild-mannered but conniving ex is willing to do anything to keep DeMarco from walking down the aisle, even if it means seducing him for a one-night stand or putting a hex on him to break up his new relationship.

The baby mama drama definitely heats up in this wonderful black Christmas film. It also reflects real-life situations that many single parents are dealing with daily.

Actress Angell Conwell (via IMDb)

“At 17, John Singleton cast Angell in her first silver screen role as Kim in ‘Baby Boy’ sharing the screen with Tyrese, Taraji P. Hensen & Omar Gooding. Immediately after, she began filming the Lions Gate comedic remake ‘The Wash’, and MGM’s highly controversial but wildly popular ‘Soul Plane’ alongside Kevin Hart, Sofia Vergara, & Monique. Angell played the daughter of female rap star ‘Pepa’ (Sandi Denton) in her first television pilot – ‘On Our Own’ aka ‘On Our Way’ and Omar Gooding’s girlfriend in the film Baby Boy (2001). She is the daughter of Talent Agent Sheila Legette.”

Actor London Brown (via IMDb)

“Born and raised in Los Angeles, London is a trained actor, dancer, comedian and impressionist. He stars on the HBO series ‘Ballers’ opposite Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Previously he was the lead in ‘The Hustle’ for The Fuse Network which was created and produced by Prentice Penny. London also won Best International Comedian at the 2013 Black Comedy Awards in the UK and has opened on the road for Chris Tucker and many other headliners.”

Merry Ex-Mas Cast’s Favorite Things

In a behind-the-scenes interview with TV One, producers asked the cast about their favorite Christmas songs.

  • Actress Faune Chambers Watkins says her favorite thing is to hear her daughter sing the song “Jingle Bells.”
  • Angell Conwell loves the song “This Christmas.”

On the topic of Christmas movies

Actor Sean Patrick Thomas likes the movie Die Hard, and actress Maci Wilson loves to watch Home Alone.

The title Merry Ex-Mas seemed to be a good play on words. In researching the title, it was interesting to find a report by the Daily Mail, which included a viral story about a guy named Tom sending several of his former girlfriends a “merry ex-mas” group email. In the strange email, he thanked them for taking the time to date him. According to the report, most of the girls were furious while one of the exes seemed amused.

TV One’s Merry Ex-Mas should not be confused with the other Merry Ex Mas movie that debuted in 2014.

Merry Ex-Mas is produced by Swirl Films with Eric Tomosunas as executive producer. This film airs this Saturday, December 10 at 8/7 p.m. Central on TV One. The previous TV One movie, which aired last week, was called The Christmas Swap.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]