Kylie Jenner Selling Home Less Than Five Months After Buying It

Where’s Kylie Jenner’s next windfall coming from? Selling her home.

The star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner, is selling her home in Hidden Hills, California. Jenner has more than one home in Hidden Hills, and she is only selling one.

The 19-year-old reality TV star is asking for $5.4 million for the property, E! Online reports. If buyers bid at that price, Jenner would pocket a gain of about $0.9 million, and that’s great for a property she just purchased the other day.

Kylie Jenner is selling the home she paid $4.5 million to acquire in August. The buyer of Jenner’s Hidden Hills home will get a four-bedroom house sitting on 3.3 acres of land tucked into a beautify hilly landscape and overlooking a season creek with oak trees lining it.

Kylie Jenner selling home
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The home itself boasts 5,154 square feet of space and has adequate amenities to justify its lofty price.

The home, built in 2012, has a large patio, a pool, and spa outside, and inside the house, a movie theater. The kitchen area inside the home features stainless steel appliances and counter tops made of granite. The home boasts a large wet bar that can be used for entertainment and hosting functions. There is also a large fireplace, and the master suite is complete with a multi-door closet. The other amenities in the home are two garages and a tennis court.

What’s driving Kylie Jenner to sell her home?

Kylie Jenner selling her home in Hidden Hills signals a change of mind. According to E! Online, those familiar with Jenner say she wanted to use the home as a home office because of its proximity to her other homes. But for her to put the home on the block, Jenner seems to be having other plans different from her initial plans. Whatever caused Jenner to change her mind, it is certain that she is on the verge of adding a comma and multiple valuable zeros to her bank account.

Kylie Jenner selling home
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Another $12 million home

After buying the Hidden Hills home that is now up for sale, Jenner spent $12 million in October on another home in Hidden Hills area. She chose to live in her new $12-million home. But the rest of her family lives in her Calabasas, California, home.

Getting business with business

Jenner’s recent real estate transactions come at a time when the reality TV star has been busy with business ventures. She is launching an online store that will carry cosmetic products, according to a report by the Daily Mail. It was understood that Jenner was to run the business from the Hidden Hills home she bought in August. With Kylie Jenner selling the home, it’s fuzzy as to where she has decided to operate the company.

Jenner is making real estate headlines just a few months after her sister sibling Kim Kardashian was attacked and robbed at gunpoint during a Paris tour for a fashion event. Kardashian lost jewelry and a ring, all valued at $11.5 million, USA Today reported.

Investigators continue to comb for clues on who may have organized or carried out the attack on Kardashian inside her room at the prestigious Hotel de Pourtales, but no arrests have been made. Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, canceled a show in New York when he learned that his wife had been attacked.

Initial rumors appeared to implicate Kardashian’s bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, in the Paris robbery. The linking of Duvier to the attack started after it had emerged the bodyguard’s company had filed for bankruptcy only a few weeks before the incident, the Sun reported. But the family retained Pascal briefly after the attack and later parted ways with him. Duvier has recently been spotted with Fergie, as per a Daily Mail report.

As for Kylie Jenner selling her home, it also comes after the Keeping Up With The Kardashians team resumed production of the show following a brief hiatus after Kardashians Paris robbery incident.

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