Tom Cruise Reportedly Ditches Suri For The Holidays! Is Scientology The Reason?

It’s been years since Tom Cruise was seen with Suri Cruise, and he has missed important occasions in his daughter’s life including her birthdays and several Christmases. Since the coming holidays is fast approaching, many people are wondering if the Hollywood superstar will yet again be away from his little girl. According to Life & Style, Tom is ditching Suri for the holidays, which means that he won’t be spending Christmas and New Year with Katie Holmes’ child for the fourth year in a row.

“It’s been more than three years since Tom has seen Suri,” an insider revealed. “And he hasn’t celebrated Thanksgiving or Christmas with her [in person] since she was 6. He doesn’t talk about those days with Suri much anymore.”

The 10-year old will be spending the holidays with her mom and her family in New York City. They will reportedly spend most of December shopping and enjoying treats like frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity. A source claimed that Katie is the best mom.

The 54-year-old actor has several projects lined up which means that he will be busy filming and promoting his upcoming films, including The Mummy and American Made. Maybe that’s the reason why he is not spending another Christmas and New Year with his little girl. The other reason could be that the Church of Scientology is forbidding him to meet up with his daughter with ex-wife Katie Holmes.

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes
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The 37-year-old actress has been labeled as a “suppressive person,” which is a term that the organization uses to those who have publicly renounced Scientology. They lose fellowship with the Church and other members. According to PEOPLE, Cruise said that the description was inaccurate when asked about Holmes being a suppressive person.

“That is a distortion and simplification of the matter. I don’t want to just give an oversimplification of religious doctrine,” he replied.

There were reports that Katie left Tom because she wanted to protect Suri from Scientology, and the actor was a bit upset about that news. The A-lister admitted though that his daughter is no longer practicing the religion and confirmed that his ex-wife left him because of the Church but there are other aspects to their divorce as well.

“I find that question offensive,” Cruise said. “There is no need to protect my daughter from my religion.”

The Mission Impossible star claimed that he never abandoned his child when questioned by In Touch‘s lawyer. He admitted that he didn’t see his daughter for more than 100 days because of his intense filming schedule in London. However, Tom said that he always talks on the phone with her but agreed that is a poor substitute for seeing her in person.

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise
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In the absence of Golden Globe Award winner, the former Dawson’s Creek star has been doing her best to give everything that their child needs. During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres two years ago, Holmes revealed that Suri already had her Christmas list ready.

“It’s written out. She’s very organized and I start to get a little bit of a panic because you cannot screw up talking to Santa,” she said. “You cannot miss any item on that list, because if you screw that up, that’s years and years of hearing about it—and then probably therapy.”

Katie also revealed how practical and specific her little girl is, and it can be seen on her Christmas list. She asked for a puppy and wanted a pink collar that has sparkles on it with the puppy’s name. Cruise also wanted shoes for the dog and a purple clip.

There were reports that Tom Cruise spent Christmas with Suri back in 2014, but that was not the case as confirmed by Katie Holmes’ representative. According to PEOPLE, the actress and her little girl spent the afternoon of December 25 visiting children at a local hospital in Los Angeles. After two years, it seems that the daughter of the famous former couple is getting used to celebrating the holidays without her dad.

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