‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Chapter 513: Sting Defeats Lacarde, Eileen Reveals She Is Erza’s Mother [Spoilers]

Chapter 513 of the popular Japanese manga Fairy Tail managed to keep its fans’ excited but revealed some pretty big secrets that answer multiple questions about the mages.

Warning: Fairy Tail manga Chapter 5123 spoilers and 514 speculations are ahead.

In the previous chapter, Sting appeared to have finally gained an upper hand in the battle against Zeref and Mavis’ creation, Lacarde. Despite the valiant attempts by Kagura and Rogue, the son of the dark mage remained unperturbed. His spells, which targeted the most primal of human desires, seemed insurmountable, while his attacks were smooth but brutal.

However, Sting managed to defeat Lacarde because the latter’s “white” light tentacles were ineffective on the former, and after combining his powers with those of Kagura and Rogue, Sting managed to sharpen his senses. Although Lacarde’s spells were effective in the physical world, they failed in Kagura’s “Shadow World,” allowing Sting to strike a decisive blow. Surprisingly, against popular assumption, Zeref did not rush to help his son, despite hearing his last breath calling him.

Lacarde’s defeat served as a sort of reunion between different guilds who were once rivals in the last Grand Magic Games. Minerva apologized to Kagura for her actions in the previous championships, and the latter accepted.

While Lacarde’s defeat at the hands of the Sabertooth Guild’s master is a great relief to the Fairy Tail Guild members, fans are more excited as well as worried about the gloom prophecy of Natsu that Zeref made while traveling through the former’s heart. In earlier chapters, Zeref had repeatedly mentioned that Natsu’s death is fast approaching. Moreover, Zeref is Natsu’s brother.

After their family was killed by dragons, Zeref used dark magic to resurrect Natsu, but also instilled the E.N.D. within him. After the bitter truth about Natsu was revealed, Rogue took Zeref’s place and revealed that the scarf Natsu wears was knitted by Anna. Mangaka Mashima noted through Zeref the biggest reveal of Natsu’s identity is going to take place. The revelation is promised to be so huge that it will change the flow, and perhaps the direction, of the series.


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While Kagura, Sting, Rogue, Happy, and Lector are celebrating Lacarde’s defeat, on the other end of the battlefield, Erza Scarlet is challenged by Eileen Belseron. After skillfully dodging all the powerful attacks, including “Heaven’s Wheel Armor” and the “Blumenblatt Attack,” the most powerful warrior of Spriggan 12 coaxes Erza to listen to an interesting factoid about the latter. Shockingly, Eileen not only manages to dodge the multi-weapon attack, but her lightning-fast reflexes allowed her to rearrange the blades before they hit the ground in a perfect flower arrangement. She then proceeded to decimate all the blades with a single gesture of her staff.

After the show of her agility and powers, Eileen claims she is Erza’s mother. Needless to say, this news not only surprises Erza but infuriates her as well. Eileen adds that she was formerly known as the Queen of the Dragons. Interestingly, the text at the end of the chapter attests to the possibility that Eileen was born at a time when Dragons were still around. The current chapter hinted about the same when it showed Eileen as a young girl, with a group of dragons following her. If this theory turns out to be correct, it could mean Eileen was born many years before the story of Fairy Tail began, which could be thousands of years. In extension, it could also mean Eileen was alive before any dragon slayer was ever born.

After gaining her composure, Erza acknowledged Eileen might be her biological mother, but she considers Makarov as her one true parent. Interestingly, Eileen appears unperturbed and adds that she is completely indifferent to the fact that she has a daughter. As a show of her uncaring and ruthless side, Eileen states that anyone who goes against the Alvarez Empire is her enemy, and she will not hesitate to kill even her own daughter.

The upcoming chapter of Fairy Tail is expected to continue with the battle between Erza and Eileen. It is quite apparent that the mother is far superior as a warrior and way more skilled than Erza. However, Erza has the entire Fairy Tail Guild by her side. Moreover, E.N.D Natsu could make light work of Eileen, but only if she stands between him and Zeref.

While the previous chapter revealed Erza’s mother, who could be her father? Fans suggest since Eileen, the Dragon Queen, is Erza’s mother, Igneel, the Fire Dragon King, might be her father. However, it could very well be Acnologia who claimed he is the King of Dragons. Moreover, Anna and Lucy’s uncanny resemblance might indicate a case of reincarnation and would explain Natsu’s strong attraction to Lucy from the very beginning of the series.

Hopefully, mangaka Hiro Mashima reveals these secrets in the upcoming chapter of Fairy Tail manga.

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