Christina Milian Nipple Show In Super Sheer Dress

Christina Milian stunned the audience after showing up clad in a blue Laquan Smith Sheer Dress that flashed her nipples and gave a clear glimpse into what she was hiding underneath.

Christina Milian showed up wearing the racy dress at an event in New York. The dress featured a see-through mesh design, long sleeves, and a tight neckline. The controversial dress was racy enough to leave nothing to imagination. She was clearly not wearing a bra but the dress did a good job holding her beautiful boobs in place while flashing her nipples. In fact, the only thing she wore on the inside was a pair of white panties.

“The benefits of overeating and sleeping during the holiday…,” Milian captioned on her social media post of the dress.

Christina Milian nipple show
[Image by Lee Roth/AP Images]

Milian’s see through dress was quite a masterpiece and thanks to its designer, we got to see more than we expected and it is in order to say that the 35-year-old musician has it going for her. Though she did not wear a bra, her nipples were not exposed because she wore nipple pasties. Although the rest of her boobs were clearly visible. The see-through nature of the dress only contributed to half of Milian’s sexiness. The singer has clearly been maintaining her body in good shape. Her curves would probably have made the dress look good on her even if it was not sheer.

Aside from flashing her nipples, which were covered, the area around her waist was relatively conservative because she was wearing a high-waist nude thong. If it were not for the fact that the dress was sheer, it would have been considered conservative because of the long sleeves, and the fact that was long enough to almost touch her ankles. Also, it had a tight, round neckline, which means her breasts would otherwise not be exposed. It also eliminated any chances of a wardrobe malfunction such as her breasts popping out.

Christina Milian nipple show
[Image by Stephen Trupp/AP Images]

A Wardrobe malfunction with that dress would be a nightmare and she would never hear the end of it from critics. Milian also accessorized the dress with silver colored Manolo Blahnik sandals with straps and a long blue Helen Yarmak chiffon fur coat that almost touched the floor. A closer look at her nails revealed that they were painted dark blue and they matched well with the dress. She also rocked a nice pulled back hairstyle with a slight wave clearly revealing some shiny earrings. The 35-year-old looked quite tasteful in her attire and she confidently smiled as the photographers rushed to take photos.

Milian also seemed very relaxed despite the frenzy that was caused by her controversial dress. She knows that she has a sexy physique and is usually afraid to show it. She has posted lots of photos showing off her curves on her Instagram account and as usual, she receives a lot of compliments. She clearly has what it takes to turn heads and keep guys interested even when she is not performing on the stage.

Various other celebrities including Rihanna and Lady Gaga have also been known to have quite a noticeable and controversial sense of style and Christina’s blue dress proved that she is not afraid to go over and under as far as making a fashion statement is concerned. She is also one of the celebrities that have done a great job evading scandalous moments. She had her bad moments after her breakup with Lil Wayne but she has also enjoyed great moments during her career and is proud of her achievements. Christina could not escape the cameras and tabloids this time as photos of her flashing her boobs become the subject of gossip.