Kristin Cavallari Gives Her Take On Botox And Talks About Skincare

Kristin Cavallari has revealed that most of her close friends have been using Botox but she has been trying to avoid it as much as she can.

Cavallari explains that Botox has become more popular and widely accepted by a lot of people that she interacts with. It’s not like she has anything against it but she claims that she does not like it and tries to avoid it as much as possible. The Hills actress prefers other means to keep her skin looking youthful and beautiful.

“All my friends are starting to get Botox and I’m kind of like, Ahhh. I want to do everything I can to not get it,” Cavallari told People.

Kristin Cavallari take on botox
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Kristin revealed that she relies on other products to maintain her youthful looks and she uses the same stuff without switching to something new. She explained that she felt like she was boring as far as beauty products are concerned because she uses the same products. However, it seems to be working for her. The mother of three revealed that her go-to products include Young Living essential oils because they smell nice and are relaxing. She also has a preference for Armani foundation.

Unlike most women, Cavallari tries her best not to hoard cosmetic products. She also cleanses her closet on a routine basis so that she can simplify things such as choosing an outfit without much of a struggle. When selecting what to wear, she usually gives priority to comfort over fashion. It is nice to see that she treats her fashion sense with almost the same level of close attention and preciseness that she does with her skin.

Earlier this year, the 29-year-old was interviewed by Health and she revealed that although she did not have acne while growing up, she was a regular teenager, meaning she had zits. Kristin explained that her skin changed for the better when she started eating healthy.

“Before, it was a miracle if I didn’t have a zit, and now it’s strange when I do. Obviously, a large part of that was due to hormones in my teenage years, but I had blemishes in my early twenties as well,” stated Cavallari.

Kristin Cavallari take on botox
Kristin Cavallari take on botox

Kristin stated that her aim is to completely avoid Botox, injectables, and any other skin fillers. She also added that she has nothing against people using Botox. The 29-year-old decided not to use Botox purely because she prefers to maintain her beauty in a more natural way. She also pointed out that the long-term effects of Botox are not known, and this is part of the reason why she feels that it is not right. According to the mother of three, aging is a natural part of life and she believes that the best thing to do is to take preventive care to foster graceful and natural aging.

Cavallari also stressed the point that what people eat also contributes a lot to the health of their skin. She pointed out that her skin started to become better when she started eating natural foods. She also revealed that one of the other secrets to natural healthy skin is to drink a lot of water on a daily basis. She believes that it plays a key role in keeping her face youthful, clear, and moisturized.

The actress also stated that maintaining her skincare routine is something that she has proved to work greatly for her. She believes that this is important because the skin is prone to damage since it is the part of the human body that is exposed to the environment. It must, therefore, be constantly taken care of rather than using shortcuts such as Botox.