President Obama’s Hoops Game Receives Heavy Criticism [Video]

You can criticize President Obama’s record on foreign policy or his handling of the economy, but attacking the man’s basketball game? That’s just low.

In an interview with Reuters, retiring NBA Commissioner David Stern did just that, criticizing the POTUS’s skills (or in his opinion, lack thereof) in the sport of basketball.

Stern said that the President is “not as good” at basketball “as he thinks he is,” hitting the president with the low blow that “he’s a lefty and goes left every time.”

Har har, a political funny.

Still, we are being slightly disingenuous. Stern’s critique of Obama’s basketball game was all in good fun, and not intended as a partisan swipe at the POTUS. In fact, Stern qualified himself in the interview as a “loyal” and “passionate” Democrat, but that doesn’t mean that he’s going to pay him lip service and let him slide regarding his basketball performance.


Stern also stressed that he is ever grateful that President Obama is a basketball fan, and talked a bit about what having a president who cares about basketball in the White House does for the sport.

“He relates well to our players. He’s got a lot of people around him who are b-ball fans. I think the politics of it is the players appreciate him for who he is and what he’s accomplished and those that support him, support him because of that.”

David Stern’s “scouting report” on President Obama is below. What do you think? Is Obama as good as he thinks he is?