Tom Cruise Is Being Sued For $34 Million, Accused Of Brainwashing Suri In Bizarre Lawsuit

Tom Cruise is being sued for $34 million by Slim Shady Holmes. The man filed under the Whistleblower Protection Act in Delaware. The Cruise lawsuit claims that Suri was being brainwashed into Scientology, according to Radar Online. Some view the claims and phrasing used in the lawsuit bizarre, and consider the filing frivolous in nature.

The Holmes lawsuit filing also maintains that the movie star was seen dancing in his underwear with fellow Scientologist, John Travolta. Since men dancing a jig in their undies is not a criminal act, it is unclear how the factoid figures into the court filing. Slim Shady Holmes’ brainwashing claims allegedly relate directly to the desire to obtain custody of Suri.

The complaint against Cruise is reportedly filled with both grammar and spelling errors. The celebrity name-drops allegedly written into the lawsuit include Matt Damon, Katie Holmes, George Zimmerman, Jeff Gordon, Jackie Chan, Saddam Hussein, and Keith Urban. The connection of the famous and infamous celebrities to the alleged Tom Cruise brainwashing activities is also currently unknown.

An excerpt from the Holmes’ lawsuit reads:

“Tom Cruise got a tattoo of Kat Von D on his inner thigh. Cruise would indoctrinate Suri Cruise with repeats of Dawson Creek. Tom Cruise pretended he was the last samurai, attacked me, killer clowns from outer space, and the Milky Way candy bar company, and Mr. Goodbar was a witness.”

The lawsuit documents were mailed from an address belonging to a Korean barbecue restaurant in New York City. The filing also maintains that the actor is “on the prowl” and will possibly “impregnate the Octomom next,” according to Gather.