Kobe Bryant Loves ‘Sex And The City,’ Finds It ‘Informative’

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is a huge fan of Sex and the City, finding it “informative.”

Bryant wrote a column for iVillage Thursday, which was aimed at encouraging people to vote, but the basketball star seemed to wander off track a bit with an endorsement of the mega-hit TV series Sex and the City.

He was talking about how he and Vanessa Bryant weren’t terribly concerned about politics until they started having children. Before starting their family, their concerns were comprised of much lighter fare.

Writes Bryant:

“Neither of us grew up in politically charged households so the issues weren’t things we were necessarily excited to read about and discuss to say the least. It was ESPN for me and ‘Carrie Fever’ (Sex and the City) for her. (Yes, I watched the show and loved it… It was quite ‘informative.’)”

BuzzFeed was particularly taken with this line, writing:

“What did he learn? Was he surprised that middle aged women have sex? Was he unaware of how hard it is to be a single gal in the city? Did he discover a deep erotic love for Kim Cattrall?”

It may seem a bit sad that the only thing we managed to cull from the column was a confession like that, when it was supposed to be about politics and voting, so here’s what the article was actually about:

“The most important answer we can give them outside of the ones found in our history pages is that our world has CHANGED for the better because individuals fought for their rights while inspiring others to do the same.”

Basically, Kobe Bryant says you should vote. He didn’t endorse any particular candidate in his column, and that Sex and the City throwaway bit was pretty entertaining.