WWE ‘Total Divas’ Announcement Accused Of Confusing One Black Female Wrestler For Another

The WWE seemed happy when their reality TV show Total Divas was nominated for Best Reality Series by the Women’s Image Awards. However, when promoting this announcement, WWE superstar Naomi accused the WWE of making a bad error. The company showed a graphic on Twitter, and then shared it on SmackDown Live, that showed the cast and the congratulations.

However, whoever put the Total Divas image together put Alicia Fox on the photo instead of Naomi. Both women are African-American WWE superstars, but only one appears on Total Divas right now, and it isn’t Alicia Fox. However, there is a reasonable explanation for this that Naomi might have missed.


Naomi, whose real name is Trinity Fatu and is married to WWE superstar Jimmy Uso, has been a cast member on Total Divas since Season 1. However, in Season 5, Naomi left the show and was only there as a guest before returning this season. While Alicia Fox used to be on Total Divas, she left the show as a main cast member in Season 5, but she was a main cast member in Season 5.

While it seemed strange to Naomi that the WWE would promote Alicia Fox as the Total Divas cast member instead of Naomi, it makes sense because the award can’t be for the season that is ongoing right now. However, the absence of Naomi from the poster sent the Total Divas star off on an angry Twitter rant.

Naomi first took the WWE to task on why her picture was not on the Total Divas photo with the other cast members. When a Twitter follower asked why the WWE did her “so dirty,” Naomi responded that she didn’t know but she is “about over all the bs.” Naomi said she has given her all since “day 1” and was over it.

That sounds like frustration, but if it has been building up over time, this could mean bad things when it comes to Naomi’s role on television and her relationship with the WWE and Total Divas. It could also mean problems for the Usos since Jimmy Uso might be willing to stick up for his wife.


Another former Total Divas cast member, Summer Rae, took to Twitter to lend her support to Naomi, saying that “when I grow up I want to be Naomi.” Current WWE Monday Night Raw women’s champion Sasha chimed in and said, “me too.”

The Total Divas cast members in the photo includes Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Natalya, Eva Marie, Alicia Fox, Maryse, Renee Young, and Lana. All are main cast members from Season 6 of Total Divas with the exception of Alicia Fox, making the omission of Naomi seem that much worse to the WWE superstar.


However, there might be a better explanation. Season 5 of Total Divas aired from January 19, 2016, to April 19, 2016. This award is almost surely for that season, which aired earlier in the year. Season 6 is now ongoing and just started up in November. Since Alicia Fox was a cast member in Season 5 and Naomi was a guest on Total Divas that year, it makes sense that Alicia Fox was featured in the announcement.

That means this may all be a misunderstanding when it comes to Naomi and her anger with the WWE and Total Divas. With that said, the fact that Naomi is complaining that she is “over it” indicates there is possibly something brewing under the surface. It also doesn’t explain why Lana and Maryse are in the photo since they were not in Season 5.

It also doesn’t help that this isn’t the first time something like this has occurred. The Huffington Post reported that the Emmys confused Terrence Howard with Cuba Gooding Jr. by posting a photo of Howard and labeling it with Gooding’s name. The actors don’t look anything alike.

[Featured Image by WWE]