Nintendo Switch News: Two Games Confirmed On Release From THQ Nordic For New Console

Despite official details from Nintendo being very thin on the ground, various third party developers are continuing to confirm their support for the upcoming Switch console. The latest development studio to pledge support for the Nintendo Switch is THQ Nordic; which has confirmed it has two games in development for Nintendo's new console. However, the company is yet to reveal exactly what those titles will be, or in fact any details around what those titles will entail.

According to Digitial Spy, the company CEO, Lars Wingefors confirmed THQ Nordic's support for the Switch, saying "We are excited for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's new platform, and already have two other projects in development for it." However, Wingefors didn't confirm if they'd be drawing on their already established franchises for those two projects, or if they'd be exclusive to the Switch. Either way, two titles pledged from an established studio is undeniably promising news for Nintendo and their new console.

As aforementioned, THQ Nordic is already a well-established name in the video games industry. Their roster includes franchises like Darksiders, Red Faction, and SpellForce. The release of any of which on the Switch would be promising for Nintendo. However, the company may take a different direction in releasing a completely new title for Nintendo's console.

That being said, support for the Switch isn't the only thing that Wingefors had to say. According to Venture Beat, Wingefors used the same announcement to confirm that the publisher has acquired several franchises from Mobile Gaming Studios Ltd. and Enigma Software Productions. The most prominent title obtained by THQ Nordic in the acquisition is Sphinx and the Cursed Mommy-- a third person action game originally released in 2003 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube.

THQ Nordic also noted that the Sphinx series would be a great fit for Nintendo's new console. With that in mind, one of the aforementioned titles in development for the Switch from THQ Nordic could include a remake of the 2003 release, or in fact, an altogether new addition to the series.


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THQ Nordic was formally known as Nordic Games GmbH. It renamed in 2014 after acquiring the name of bankrupt publisher THQ. Whilst THQ Nordic does develop several franchises, it also regularly purchases franchises from other publishers - including the Darksiders and Red Faction series from THQ in 2014. The latest purchases by the company are a little less known than previous acquisitions, however, they could provide a hint as to what projects THQ Nordic has in development for the Nintendo Switch.

Lars Wingefors confirmed that there was no clear financial advantage to the company acquiring the franchises, saying "These are not financially material acquisitions, but due to our love for these types of games they were natural acquisition targets that add up to our portfolio."

Speaking about the upcoming Switch console, Wingefors said; "We are excited for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's new platform, and already have two other projects in development for it." Whilst he didn't specifically confirm which games THQ Nordic plans to bring to the Switch, he added that Sphinx and the Cursed Mommy would be a great match for the hardware. Those comments also suggest that THQ Nordic and other such developers have a clearer idea of the Switch's specs than consumers currently do.

Nintendo will confirm more details around their upcoming Switch console in January 2017, including the console's release date and titles available at release.

[Featured Image by Nintendo]