Woman Battling Cancer Violated By Attempted ‘Body Cavity Search In Public’ By TSA

Tito Ojo-Medubi

A woman battling breast cancer said she was violated when TSA officers aggressively tried to perform "a body cavity search in public," the Daily Mail is reporting.

Denise Albert, co-host of The Moms, a SiriusXM radio show, said that she told the airport agents about the medical cream in her bag, showed them the sores on her feet and even removed her wig, but they still went ahead to humiliate her.

The security agents called her aside and insisted on a full body search "with pressure." Albert, also a morning show contributor for the radio, said the Sunday experience at the Los Angeles International Airport left her in tears. Denise made known that she was a frequent traveler and always notified TSA about the cream in her bag and medical port without complications. The 42-year-old said the agents also violated protocol by asking her to take off her shoes, leaving her bare feet in the frigid weather for over 20 minutes.

The radio co-host had asked to sit down because she did not want the sores on her feet in contact with the ground. Albert said she was eventually offered the option of a private search but said she could not walk there because she had no shoes. The 42-year-old said the agents had told her that during the search they would "apply pressure from head to toe," even when she took off her wig to show that she indeed had cancer.

"I have never been so humiliated or felt more violated in my life. I went through the scanning machine at the airport without incident. I already told them about my metal port and my medical cream. I removed it from my bag for them to see and test as I have done on prior flights. I don't know what was different this time but TSA agents aggressively attempted to do a body cavity search in public."
"It's because I don't have real ones from my cancer treatment. I would have thought at that point, the humiliation would have ended…I was crying…I was visibly shaken up. I couldn't help it. I was in shock. I was humiliated."

According to The Guardian, this is not the first time that the TSA would be generating controversy. In June, Hannah Cohen, a disabled teen and cancer patient, was injured in a violent arrest by agents at the Memphis international airport. The 18-year-old was on her way home after removing a brain tumor when she was wrestled from her wheelchair and bundled to the ground.

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