Lil Wayne Suffers Second Seizure, Report Says, Rep Denies It But TMZ Says It Happened

Lil Wayne reportedly was hospitalized after suffering a second seizure, but the rapper’s reps are denying claims of his alleged second episode.

As we reported earlier, Lil Wayne is said to have been treated for an initial seizure that occurred in-flight, prompting an emergency landing to rush the rap star to the doctor. After reports of Lil Wayne’s condition became news, a rep for Wayne told press that the star was resting at home, saying:

“He is at home on doctor mandated rest and will return to work soon. He appreciates all of his fans for their support and love.”

This afternoon, entertainment website TMZ reported that Lil Wayne had suffered a second seizure, posting:

Lil Wayne is about to be released from a Louisiana hospital … after suffering ANOTHER seizure on board an airplane … his 2nd seizure in 24 hours … TMZ has learned … Weezy was on board a flight from Texas to LAX — when he began to convulse. We’re told the flight was immediately diverted to Louisiana … and Wayne was admitted to a local hospital for treatment.”

Bizarrely, however, the site also reports that despite what they say is positive confirmation that Wayne had a second in-flight seizure, a woman claiming to represent Lil Wayne denied the report. The site elaborates:

3:58 PM PT — Sarah Cunningham — a woman claiming to be Wayne’s rep — has released a statement saying our story is false and that he’s at home in Louisiana recovering from migraines … But TMZ has confirmed our story with people who were at the hospital and people who positively represent Wayne … and we are positive our story is correct.”

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While TMZ is an entertainment website, they’ve been known to have spies in hospitals in the past — and famously broke the story of Michael Jackson’s death while his passing was officially denied for some time, prompting media confusion. The reason for the dispute surrounding Lil Wayne’s second seizure is not currently known, but TMZ sticks by their story.