‘Teen Mom OG’ Fight: Farrah Abraham’s Dad Says He Is Still Injured

There is a ton of controversy surrounding that giant brawl that broke out during the Teen Mom 2 reunion show. MTV allegedly edited out a lot of footage, which has Amber Portwood claiming she is finished with the franchise. However, Radar Online spoke to Michael Abraham, the father of Farrah Abraham, about the fight and he said he is still hurt from the fight with Matt Baier.

“I’m still under treatment and on worker’s comp. I’m a disabled vet, he destroyed my hearing aid. Matt didn’t know the can of worms he opened when he hit me.”

The fight happened after Farrah Abraham made comments about Ambert Portwood’s fiance Matt Baier on the Teen Mom OG reunion special. The exact comment was that Baier looked like a pedophile, which is what caused Amber Portwood to fly onto the set in attack mode.

Matt Baier is 44 years old and has seven children. Amber Portwood is 26. After Farrah Abraham made the comments on the Teen Mom OG reunion special, Amber Portwood ran onto the stage yelling and screaming. Farrah tried to walk away but Portwood angled and blocked her before taking a swing and slapping Abraham.

The crew grabbed Portwood and tried to pull her away as Farrah Abraham continued to back up. Michael Abraham ran onto the stage after Amber Portwood took a swing at Farrah. Matt Baier also made his way to the stage, they got physical, and Michael Abraham ended up thrown to the ground.

The fight caused Farrah Abraham to leave. According to Us Weekly, MTV allowed Farrah to skip out on any more interaction with Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell, and Maci Bookout. According to Abraham, MTV legal said she can stay away to remain safe from the Teen Mom OG stars that she now refers to as “criminals.” She also said that MTV is covering the costs to replace her dad’s hearing aids.

“MTV is covering the costs to fix my dad’s hearing aids, as well as all leg injuries and other bills and casts that were requested by my dad’s lawyer since MTV knew and put my family around criminals and the instigated fight.”

This makes sense on one very big level. While Amber Portwood has ripped into MTV for the Teen Mom OG reunion footage they released, Farrah Abraham has a lot more to give the network. As the Inquisitr previously reported, MTV and Farrah Abraham are working on a new spin-off show for the Teen Mom OG star.

As for Amber Portwood, Hollywood Gossip reported that she cursed out MTV for editing out portions of the Teen Mom OG reunion fight with Farrah Abraham that helped her argument that she was not completely to blame. As for the Michael Abraham injury, Portwood said one item edited out was when Michael got in her face, yelling at her, which brought Matt Baier to his fiance’s rescue.

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In the Radar Online interview, Michael Abraham said he was on the stage during the Teen Mom OG reunion special to protect his daughter Farrah. He said that no one tried to hit Amber Portwood and that it was Amber who was trying to hit Farrah. Portwood claimed that Michael grabbed Matt’s throat before he was thrown to the ground.

The cast members of Teen Mom OG seem to have taken the same side against Farrah Abraham. Maci Bookout said that MTV caters to Farrah and gives her special treatment over the others. When they called out MTV for letting Farrah Abraham leave whenever she wanted to, they cut off the show when Maci, Catelynn, and Amber all stood up and walked off the set without finishing the Teen Mom OG reunion special.

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