Taylor Swift Just Can't Seem To Escape Her Ex-Boyfriends

Taylor Swift can't seem to escape her famous ex-boyfriends. It seems like the singer is still being linked through some of them in the media.

Elle reported that Tom Hiddleston can't seem to escape Taylor Swift. Not a day goes by when the singer is in the media whether it comes to her music, her famous friends, her charitable acts of giving, and her relationship. On Sunday, Dec. 4, Hiddleston was photographed walking in front of a cartoon image of Swift created by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. Swift is illustrated talking on the phone with a thought bubble coming out of her mouth, saying, "Oh, Tom … I love you, too … But …"

According to Fussy Human's social media accounts, the "new piece" was expected to appear on the streets on Dec. 2, just two days before Hiddleston's awkward encounter with the cartoon.Swift, 26, and Hiddleston, 35, broke up around Labor Day weekend in September after their whirlwind three-month relationship. Us Weekly was the first to confirm the couple's split. The couple, dubbed "Hiddleswift" by their fans, traveled around the globe and met each other's families.

"[Swift] was the one to put the brakes on the relationship," an inside source told the publication back in September.

"It was an intense start. No one can keep that kind of momentum going," a source close to Hiddleston added.

Rumors circulated that Hiddleston and Swift were getting back together, but Gossip Cop confirmed that it's not true. A source close to the former couple told the outlet that the reports are 100 percent "not true." Swift is never ever getting back together with Hiddleston, nor did she cheat on him with South Korean star Lee Minh Ho when they were dating. Swift has never met the actor and singer in her life, as they live on separate continents.

Meanwhile, fans can't stop talking about "Haylor," otherwise known as Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. It appears that Styles' tweet from February 2016 has recirculated on the internet. On Feb. 1, Styles took to Twitter to post, "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22," which are the lyrics to Swift's song "22."
The tweet has since been retweeted over 700,000 times and almost 1 million likes, making it the second-most tweeted tweet of 2016, according to Vanity Fair and the social media's year-in-review data. At the time, "Haylor" fans were wondering if Styles was giving a shout-out to his famous ex-girlfriend. Others assumed that he was shading Swift as he celebrated his birthday.Harry Styles and Taylor Swift dated back in 2012, according to Brit.co. The couple's relationship was short-lived, but fans haven't stopped about a possible reunion. "Haylor" fans quickly became obsessed with the couple after a photo of the two walking around Central Park first hit social media.

This news comes after E! News reported that Swift made more money than Styles in the past year. Swift tops the Forbes list of the highest-earning celebrities under 30. Swift made $170 million this year, which landed her in the No. 1 spot. Her 1989 World Tour, music, and endorsements made 2016 a great year for Swift.

Interestingly enough, Styles landed in the No. 2 spot, right behind his former flame. His boy band One Direction made $110 million this year due to their successful On The Road Again Tour and their final album, Four. Rihanna and Adele also made this year's list.

While Swift has been linked to her ex-boyfriends in the media, the singer-songwriter has been laying low. The Grammy award-winning singer just hosted Thanksgiving at her Rhode Island home with her friends and family. The night before, Swift watched her friend YouTube star Todrick Hall perform in Kinky Boots on Broadway in New York City.

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