G4 Cancels ‘Attack Of The Show’ and ‘X-Play’

G4 is canceling its flagship shows Attack of the Show and X-Play, Deadline reports.

The network made the official announcement Friday that production on the the two shows would be shutting down at the end of the year. Both shows will continue to air new episodes through December, and will take the next two months to wind down with a variety of farewell episodes.

Attack of the Show and X-Play will invite back favorite guests and former hosts, as well as air viewers’ favorite segments, such as Attack of the Show‘s first Comic-Con show, and X-Play‘s past E3 coverage.

Together, the shows have amassed over 3,000 episodes. Attack of the Show ran for more 1,700 episodes, and X-Play ran for around 1,300 episodes. The shows helped launch the careers of Olivia Munn, Kevin Pereira, and Chris Hardwick, among others.

Attack of the Show debuted March 28, 2005, and reviewed new technology, gaming, and web and pop culture. X-Play debuted two years earlier on April 28, 2003, on G4’s previous incarnation TechTV. The show focused on video game news and reviews, as well as demos and trailers.

In the network’s press release about the cancellations, G4 Media General Manager Adam Stotsky said:

“Attack of the Show! and X-Play have been important for G4, and we want to acknowledge the creative people who have helped inspire and showcase the phenomenon of gamer culture. With more than 3,000 episodes aired between them, we have more than enough great material to honor these innovators and their amazing contributions as we bring both shows to a close.”

There is speculation that G4 may be looking to partner with a men’s periodical such as Esquire or GQ as it tries to target a more sophisticated demographic. However, this has yet to be confirmed.