North Carolina Scoutmaster Admits To Molesting Young Boys

An ex-scout leader has admitted to molesting young boys in his care, some of whom were aged 11, during the early 1970s.

Thomas J. Menghi Jnr was confronted with copious documents that went into intimate detail regarding the allegations against him. Menghi stated that he was usually drunk and high during these abusive session.

At the time Menghi was in his late 20s and lived in Fayetteville motel and also worked as a Tupperware deliveryman. Menghi would invite boys to ride with him along his route and then request that they spend the evening in his room so that they could then get an early start on their scout excursions.

The 69-year-old stated, “Yes, I abused kids. But just how many and other details I can’t remember. It was a long time ago and I was in a fog.”

Recent ‘Perversion Files‘ were compiled by the Boy Scouts of America from between 1959 to 1985 and around 14,500 pages have been accumulated. These were made public last week.


Menghi’s crimes were failed to be reported to the police even though Scout officials sought to remove him from the organisation after investigating the claims against him. It’s even been stated that parents weren’t informed of the abuse that their children had been subjected to.

Currently, Menghi lives with his adult son only a short walking distance of an elementary school in Monroe near Charlotte, which had he been convicted, a 2006 law would have barred him from doing.

Menghi has blamed his “dark side” for the incidents.