Robin 'Nadine' Benedict: Married Tufts Professor, Bill Douglas, Had Torrid Affair With Prostitute, Then Killed Her On 'Married With Secrets'

The Robin Nadine Benedict missing persons case will be the subject of another riveting story on Investigation Discovery's Married With Secrets. In the episode titled "Obsession Has Its Price," William 'Bill' Douglas, an overweight, balding professor at Tufts University, begins an affair with Nadine Benedict, a sultry prostitute he met in Boston's red-light district. When the affair takes off, he finally fulfills every sexual fantasy that he ever had. But his fantasies quickly lead to obsession and then murder after she tries to end the affair.

Professor Had Deadly Affair With Prostitute

On Married With Secrets, you'll learn that for years, Professor William Bill Douglas was married to his high school sweetheart. The relationship between them was always loving and supportive. But after many years, the relationship with his wife became more like a friendship. The two supported each other, relied on each other, and they worked hard to provide for their children. But the passion had ended years prior.

However, 41-year-old Bill Douglas' life took an unexpected turn when his wife took a nursing job and begin working at night. That's when the respected professor at Tufts University began engaging in a seedy sex life in Boston's "Combat Zone."

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Red Light Special

Surfing bars after work, he finally met Nadine Benedict, a sexy 21-year-old prostitute who had the intelligence and the charm to rock his world in a way that his wife never had. In fact, Robin Nadine Benedict was so good at what she did that Bill Douglas had no idea that she was a call girl when he first talked to her. And by the time she finally revealed it, he didn't care.

Soon, Bill started paying Robin Benedict $50 an hour. Then it escalated to $100 an hour. The sex was explosive, and Bill Douglas' fantasies began consuming his life.

Life for Bill Douglas, who was building a name for himself in the science field, began unraveling as he tried harder to make Nadine his woman. He began wining and dining her. He tried to take walks with her in the park. But whatever they did together cost him money. Robin Benedict had no desire to be in a relationship with Bill Douglas, and she only spent time with him when he could pony up the dough.

Working in the sex industry was not Nadine's long-term goal. She wanted to go back to school and become a graphic artist. But her plans came to a screeching halt after Bill Douglas killed her in a fit of rage and then discarded the body where no one would ever find it.

Celebrate Boston sheds more light on the circumstances.

"Douglas had stalked Benedict for several months. On March 5, 1983, Douglas called Robin twelve times and spoke to her four times, and then she vanished forever that night. On March 6, five miles away from his home in Sharon, some of their blood-stained clothing were found in a trash barrel. With her body reportedly in the trunk, Douglas drove Benedict's car to Boston. He then drove to a mall in Providence and discarded her body in a dumpster."
Robin Nadine Benedict was dubbed "Missing Beauty" by the media as her disappearance made headlines and quickly became tied to Tufts professor Bill Douglas. People who knew Bill couldn't believe that he was mixed up in something so scandalous.

The raunchy affair certainly did shock the community. But shock turned to bitter disappointment after it was revealed that Bill Douglas had to steal money in order to fund his escapades with Nadine.

Bill Douglas admitted to the affair and accepted a plea deal, which would send him to prison for 18 to 20 years. He did only eight years. By the time he was released, Bill had lost the weight and married another woman, according to the Chicago Tribune.

While he went off to live his new life, Robin Nadine Benedict's family members have continued to suffer because they have no idea where her body is. Bill told them where he supposedly dumped the body, but only her car was ever found.

Robin Nadine Benedict's car [Image by Ren Norton/AP Images]

Additional Facts

  • Robin Nadine Benedict was allegedly bludgeoned to death with a sledgehammer.
  • Her story became a movie in the 1980s titled The High Price of Passion.
  • The book Missing Beauty: A True Story of Murder and Obsession by Teresa Carpenter is based on the case.
Watch the story unfold tonight on Married With Secrets. It airs at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery.

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