Frankenstorm Going ‘From Bad To Worse’ As Two Storms Set To Collide Next Week

Frankenstorm, also known as Hurricane Sandy, may sound like media scaremongering to get folks het up over the pending first Noreaster of the seasons, but weather experts are warning residents to heed cautionary advice and be prepared for the coming storms.

The term “Frankenstorm” has emerged to describe the unusual weather conditions set to hit many on the Eastern seaboard as early as Sunday, with damages being predicted as topping a billion dollars as the storm gains steam.

Frankenstorm’s predicted conditions could cause severe headaches in affected areas, with power outages lasting until election day being submitted as one possible outcome of the weather anomaly.

Senior Accuweather meteorologist Tom Kines said that Hurricane Sandy looks to be a storm of epic proportions, and that locals should not underestimate the potential damages threatened by the severe weather:

“ This is a once in a lifetime storm if these (conditions) materialize … Even if it doesn’t come ashore as a hurricane, I don’t think people should let their guard down. The damage is going to be just as bad. People shouldn’t think they’re out of the woods.”

Frankenstorm cites unprecedented coastal flooding as one looming danger expected during the Frankenstorm phenomenon, potentially affecting the entire coast of New Jersey as the storm makes landfall. The site quotes meteorologist Gary Szatkowski as warning residents not to underestimate the storm’s reach in coming days:

“The takeaway message is that our region is currently in the path of a very dangerous storm … Even if the eventual path changes, we will still feel dire effects from this storm.”

Have you made emergency preparations for Frankenstorm conditions?