‘Prison Break’ Season 5: Release Date, Trailer And Returning Cast Members

Considering how Prison Break ended, many fans were pleasantly surprised when it was announced that Michael Scofield and the gang are returning for Season 5. Almost eight years ago, the television movie Prison Break: The Final Break brought a conclusion to the series, or so we thought.

Alexander Mahone gives Lincoln and Sara a DVD of Michael Scofield, essentially saying goodbye because he doesn’t have much longer to live with his brain tumor. We don’t see Michael die, which leaves the series open for a Season 5. According to several reports, the Prison Break Season 5 release date is in early 2017 as part of the network’s midseason schedule – airing Thursdays at 9/8c.


Wentworth Miler and Dominic Purcell starred together in CW’s Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash. The onscreen brothers will be returning to Prison Break and Season 5 will feature nine episodes. Most of your favorite cast members will be returning to help Michael escape from prison – this time in Yemen – and the trailer shows Scofield’s daughter, who is now much older, enquiring about her father.

The resourceful T-Bag is seen revealing to Lincoln that Michael Scofield is still alive. It is unclear, which side T-Bag is on but the cunning pedophile is never up to any good. Tancredi is skeptical about the picture proving that Michael is alive. The trailer then shows Lincoln and C-Note confirming that he is in fact alive and well but in prison.

There are many great moments to look forward to in Season 5, such as Michael reuniting with his family, and the intricate details of the escape plan over nine episodes.


Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callies (Sarah Tancredi, Amaury Nolasco (Sucre), Robert Knepper (T-Bag), Rockmond Dunbar (C-Note) and Paul Adelstein (Paul Kellerman) will be returning. However, Alexander Mahone is not coming back. Mark Feuerstein is one of the new cast members that will play Sara’s love interest, which will also complicate the hopeful Michael and Sara reunion. According to Digital Spy, Sons of Anarchy’s Inbar Lavi will play Lincoln’s girlfriend and Rick Yune will play an identify thief.

Prison Break will explain why Michael is still alive and what he has been up to for the last eight years. Some spoiler reports suggest that Scofield has done some pretty terrible things and he may not be a good guy anymore. With only nine episodes, you can expect every episode to be action-packed. Dominic Purcell tells Digital Spy that, “I think this version is more worldly, it’s heavy s**t. The first season was heavy, but this is real heavy s**t, because we’re dealing with ISIS, we’re dealing with ISIL.”

“And on top of that as the background, I’m trying to get my brother out of a Yemen prison – one of the worst prisons in the world. So you have all that going on – it’s on another level.”

Michael Scofield has been working with a terrorist cell and at this point his motives are unclear. There are no plans for Prison Break to return for Season 6 but Wentworth Miller reveals that it is a possibility.

“There’s always room for more, in my mind. As long as it’s a story that’s worth telling, as long as it feels justified and cool and edgy. It has to be something that’s not going to let the fans down, that’s going to satisfy and surprise. I’m open to the conversation.”

The official trailer has already garnered over 12 million views, and the series is still popular with many new fans catching up on Netflix.

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