Neurosurgeon Offers ‘Proof’ Of Heaven In Book Written After Recovering From A Coma

Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander claims he has proof that heaven exists. The accomplished physician who was worked at both Duke and Harvard, maintains he has proof of the afterlife. Dr. Alexander writes about seeing heaven while in a coma for seven days, in his new book.

After contracting bacterial meningitis and E. Coli infections in his brain, Dr. Alexander slipped into a coma and was not expected to ever wake up again, according to the New York Daily News. In his book, Proof of Heaven, the neurosurgeon details the discoveries he made while in a coma. His recovery has been termed nothing less than a medical miracle by some.

Dr. Alexander had this to say about his near-death experience:

“I had no body awareness at all. I was just a speck of awareness in kind of a dark, murky environment, in roots or vessels or something. And I seemed to be there for a very long time—I would say years. I was rescued by this beautiful, spinning, white light that had a melody, an incredibly beautiful melody with it that opened up into a bright valley. An extremely verdant valley with blossoming flowers and a just incredible, rich, ultra-real world of indescribable complexity.”

The neurosurgeon also recalls traveling on the wing of a butterfly with a young woman he later discovered as a biological sister he had never met – he was adopted. Throughout his coma experience in heaven, Dr. Alexander said he felt a divine presence and received a special message that he was not there to stay.