Steven Tyler Believes: “What’s Missing In The World Is That People Aren’t Getting Laid Enough!”

Aerosmith lead singer and American Idol judge Steven Tyler has come to his own conclusion regarding the turmoil currently festering throughout the world, people aren’t getting enough sex.

Speaking to the English newspaper The Guardian Tyler stated, “What’s missing in the world is that people don’t get laid enough. It’s not just about coming and effing – it’s about making love and unbridled passion. The world doesn’t make love enough.”

Tyler, who recently bought the world’s fastest convertible, also declared that Aerosmith was all about sex and then revealed his own plight in an elevator saw the singer caught partaking in a lewd act by dozens of people once it had reached the lobby.

But he didn’t stop there too, he went on to refer to the female genitalia as “a creative force” and reinforced the views in his 2011 autobiography, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?, that it’s “the holy grail”.

Aerosmith’s 15th studio album, Music From Another Dimension!” is released on 6 November and features both Johnny Dep and John Lennon’s eldest son, Julian.

Tyler doesn’t seem to have deviated too far away from his highly sexual lyrics of the past revealing, ” I was reading the lyrics upstairs and I was thinking, there’s a lot of love. And I got shameful for a minute and though, we should be more socially relevant … I’m not socially relevant but I write about love and passion – and it’s fun! It’s what I think a rock’n’roll band should be.”

Do you agree with Tyler? Does the world need to get laid more?